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Relationship is one of the fundamental and beautiful things in humans lifestyle that are the only practice performed by us humans in order to add someone valuable in our life other than those already given to us.
We all wish to be loved and cared in our lives. Who doesn’t wish to be happy and admired by the partner of choice?  The life ahead needs support of someone we are compatible with and wish to make part of our lives. Our lives are tied with a string of fate and we all wish to spend a happy life.
In each and every system and society throughout the globe, this same lifestyle is practiced and followed throughout centuries. We humans are programmed to need each other to help us experience positivity and see the beauty that nature is showing us each and every day.  According to a 15 years long longitudinal research comprising of 369 couples, those who stayed in relationships were found to be happier than the rest and relationships affect the satisfaction of life (ref.). So, generally the theory is that relationships are the most important part of life that we all should put our effort in to build to improve our lifestyle and increase the peace, satisfaction and happiness.

Pause in the Relationships:

Relationships & Increasing Emptiness


We all wishes to be happy and lead a great relationship with our partner but sometimes time isn’t that forgiving and we feel stuck in a painful cycle that’s slowly killing us. The toxic relationships are not just killing us but sucking our internal peace and warmth while turning us into a zombie in the process. Our lifestyle is negatively affected and the beauty, the colors, the butterflies and all the small things slowly vanishes.
Yes life is tough, relationships change slowly and things after a while aren’t that colorful like they were in the start but that’s how life is. This also scares me but we have to put our effort to keep things mild. We will fight one day, we will fell neglected some day and the life will seem to be essence less, but the darkness has to go, with our efforts.
Love is like the majestic flower in the garden gloomy, satisfying, and filled with happiness and pleasure, free like a butterfly, full of fragrance and hope, but it’s also soft, it requires care, it’s scared and unsure, it requires light, it’s sensitive and requires time and our backing.
Take care of love once it’s there in your hand, it like a butterfly, if you’ll try to hold it too tightly, you’ll squish it; if you’ll push it fly far away, it won’t come back. If you’ll hurt it, it will recover but it’ll be like that broken pot that can be repaired but can’t be time jumped back to its origin.
Love Remembers!!!
It Always do!!
There will be a pause but it’s there because love requires effort, it is one of the most beautiful things in this world, so it truly deserves that effort. If you are feeling something is missing then it’s your part to fill the gap, to bring back the joy and spark. Don’t run too far away while in pursuit of happiness or maybe one day you come back and the empire you built is no more standing.

Why the Pause:

Firstly, allow the existence of this feeling, it will be there to some extent. You two are different people, and the difference will not let you achieve 100% synchronization so what you need is to keep it in mind and not overdo or stress out. The feelings will pass by!
If not then look for the reasons, some major reasons can be:
Hectic & Busy schedule: You are a student and in a relationship? Most probable this is your problem. In a hectic routine when you are surrounded with assignments and tight schedule, you don’t have any time to give the emotional attention to your partner which causes an unseen gap that is felt after a while.

1.0 Family and Society:

Family & Society and relationship problems!


Sometimes all the issues you have and the confusions in your mind are because of the social norms or the family problems. Just don’t let any third party create an issue in your life. Remember to define boundaries and set t he roles. Family, friends and society matters and all have their specific roles and boundaries and there won’t be any issue is we assign the roles and not let any of the role overcome the other!!

 2.0 Insecurity:

Insecurity in Relationships can make you sad.
You feel insecure about the one you love, you feel that the world wants to steal your gem and the world’s outrageous behavior towards your loved ones makes you mad. But love demands freedom, it’s OK if the world isn’t fair, give the right to decide to only your lover, don’t be over possessive and never choke your beloved. Deal with your insecurities yourself; discuss any issue you have after extensive evaluation, this will not only increase the value of your opinion but also will but your partner in the decision making position. The decision will be in your benefit because your partner also love you plus you had a genuine reason; but remember, you love your partner and your behavior must not be affected because of any decision that’s not in your favor.

3.0 Hectic Routine:

Busy Routing and Relationships


Keep a check on how much time you are giving to your relation and if you are really giving some time. Most of us counts the quantitative aspect of time and neglects the qualitative aspect. One can make your beloved happy and satisfied in 30 minutes of company by giving proper attention and love; on the other hand, it doesn’t matter if one give3 hours of distracted thoughts. Simply, give attention, give care!!

4.0 Mood Swings:

Mood Swing Issues


Mood Swings are normal in all of us but is the damage we can cause can be minimized and the impact can be lowered. Always remember, your partner is the reason to your happiness and there for you even in your darkest hours. You have to control your temper as if something bad happened to you then its not because of your beloved and your lover is someone you care about, not a punching bag.
Do share your problem and open up and I bet your partner will absorb all of your negativity, turning it into a beautiful fragrance. On the other hand, if you act rashly, only your partner will not e the one affected but you will spend next couple of days in distress and guilt yourself, So be smart, avoid guilt.

5.0 Long Distance:

How to deal with long distance Relationship Problems?


Long distance is the major reason of this emptiness. When you wishes to feel the warmth of her hug or cuddle but are left disappointed and empty handed. It is something that actually gives you chills but love is something precious enough to wait for and give some time. Don’t let this feeling of emptiness overtake you and always look for the gate to reduce the distance once in a while.

Lastly, remember that this emptiness is a cancer you have to handle with care or it will expand and consume the love. Emptiness is something treatable and temporary but love is eternal so always set your priorities right and be there for your love.
Stay Blessed

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