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Relationships and Happiness - 21st Century

1st November,2017
Written By: M Osama Shahzad 

Relationships and 21st Century- Cover

“Oh My GOD that ass is on fire, check that bitch out dude just check her out, the one in pink shirt.

Ohh bro you are busy with your cell phone?? You are no fun. Why do you pretend to be a saint?”
That’s the sentence that every 5000th of you will be familiar (I hope), all those who chose not to fall in love with bodies and expect something maternal.
Not a saint I am but I do questions the direction we all are going. If I chose to go in a direction, I surely do have my reasons and at least am gaining something in the long run. If I am going in any way, I will be sure enough that the way takes me to some destination where there is something lasting, where there is happiness, peace and my lifestyle is being affected by it in the most positive manner.

Reality of Today’s Relationships:

The life today is really harsh, fast and unforgiving in nature and in that fast pace, the relationships too got distorted and in the way we kinda lost the happiness somewhere in the middle. Our lifestyle got disturbed and the spirituality and peace was left behind somewhere behind in the run.
We see the half dead and formal couples who are together for sake of being together or not being alone instead of being together in pursue of happiness, in pursue of peace and love. Cast, creed, religion. Language, ride, social status, looks, fashion sense and jobs became the major factors while major factors of past like compatibility, morality, rightfulness, honor and sense of dignity and responsibility were thrown at the back.
We are running in the backward direction to the jungle where soon there will be a contest of power where all the males will gather and the strongest (in eyes of girl or family) will win the female.

Vague Relationships:

Relationships became a thing and being an antisocial person, I decided to go in an opposite direction. If relationship is a thing then I intend to build something else, something more stable and strong. I see people of clay here and there holding hands together with sad and miserable faces.
Life is frightening, yes but it doesn’t mean that you have to jump in the well. You have to understand that the well is with a base and you are getting taller day by day, one day you will be able to just set foot inside that pit hole that looks like a well to you.
Don’t be hasty if you wish to fill yourself with love. You can have someone at your side today of have “The One” at your side tomorrow. It’s scary and its understandable because it really is, waiting for something that you don’t know the feeling of really take some nerves.
The world disappoints us again and again

Today's World Role in Relationships and Love:

The world disappoints us and we start questioning the very existence of love but we must know some factors like:

  • World fuels on disappointment.
  • World doesn’t want us to have what it couldn’t have.
  • Economy works on misery, disappointment and insecurity.
  • Everything is commercialized, even the happiness.
  • Morality and spirituality have no place in the new order.

The new order starts from interest, shortly the concept of helping someone economically without a constant leech like beneficial system has no place in new order, the concept is to tie the common man in insecurities, unhappiness and to make him believe that these specific things are his need, in those specific things there is no place of spirituality, internal peace and love.
Shortly, the basic meaning of love was changed to earn some bucks and today it’s a necessity, just like carrying a smile on the face or having a cute dog in house (disregarding the population dying outside coz of mosquito bites). That’s all the new order has done to us, simply corrupted our feelings.

Moral of Story:

So after all this blabbing, blaming society, talking out the worst and inhuman economic system, what’s the take?
Be true to yourself. You are here so most probably you are curious about me, friend of mine or actually are pursue of truth. If it’s the last one than half of your problem has been solved, just stay fast and grab the roller coaster as soon as it passes by.
Stay Blessed and spread happiness!
Love you all

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