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BMW 5 Series launched in Pakistan

BMW 530i Introduced in Pakistan

2017 was a slow year for Pakistani auto enthusiasts who were hoping for a breakthrough after the new auto policy by PMLN government but the second half of this year has some surprises.
BMW has launched its brand new 5 Series Sedan 2017 model in Pakistan. It was unveiled at PFDC L'Oréal Bridal Week. A brand new BMW 530 e was the center piece of all the guests.
Currently BMW is gaining its ground and rooting its paws in Pakistan in collaboration of their official importers, Deewan Motors.
" TheBMW 5 Series displays motorway dynamics and elegance in a perfect combination. It is therefore the ideal business saloon. "
Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design
About the Model:
BMW 5 series consists of following 3 categories:
  • BMW 5 Series Sedan 

  • BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo 

  • BMW ActiveHybrid 5

The car showcased at PFDC L'Oréal Bridal Week is BMW 530e which is a Hybrid Car. BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is an intelligent drive concept, the blending of a BMW TwinPower  6-cylinder engine and an electric motor make this beast invulnerable in its class. It significantly reduces petrol consumption and CO2 emissions and increasing driving pleasure.


BMW 530i at PFDC L'Oréal Bridal Week
This 6th Generation BMW 5 Series was seen on roads firstly in 2010. It has redefined the design and features a larger exterior. In Pakistan 6th Generation is only offered in BMW 528i but this is hopefully to change in coming days analyzing the BMW seriousness and interest in Pakistani Auto Market.
The price of this model is 10-12.5 Million PKR or 100-125 lacks PKR. Considering the sophisticated design, features, performance and its defining class this price is really competitive when compared with other rides of its class.


BMW in Pakistan comes in:
(528i) 2.0 Liter DOHC 16-Valve Inline-4
(535i) 3.0 Liter DOHC 24-Valve Inline-6
(525d) 3.0 Liter DOHC 24-Vale Inline-6 Diesel
(550i) 4.4 Liter DOHC 32-Valve V8
(Active Hybrid 5) 3.0 Liter 24-Valve Inline-6

8-Speed Automatic


Its top speed Top speed in km/h is: 250km/h
It takes 6.2s to accelerate from stationary to 100km/h.


From its 60-liters fuel tank, BMW Series 5 gives mileage between 12km/l-35km/l for a driving range between 725km-2050km.
BMW Series 5 Interior

Features and Apps:

Connected Drive Services are the set of apps carefully designed to make driver more informed about the ride and traffic, provide its user with unlimited entertainment and small apps of daily use.
Brief Description of the features:
  • MESSAGE DICTATION: App that converts spoken messages into text, those messages can be either texted or mailed.
  • Bluetooth Office: Bluetooth to connect devices and spend the time in car more efficiently.
  • INTELLIGENT EMERGENCY CALL: Automatically calls the relevant place in case of any emergency.
  • CONCIERGE SERVICES: Acts as a personal assistant and give suggestions whether you are looking for a restaurant or you have any other need.
  • REMOTE SERVICES: Controlling the vehicle remotely by app (Available on Play Store and Apple Store)
  • ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT: More than 12 million tracks at your disposal, for every road, for every place…
  • REAL TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION: Get information about traffic as you drive.

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