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How to Stop Being a Loser - How To Be a Better Person 101

How to Stop Being a Loser - How To Be a Better Person

1. Starting the new Journey

12th August,2017

Written By: M Osama Shahzad


World is not in someone's control, sometimes yes it works as we wish but many times it does not exactly happens that way. No matter how big of a person you are or how bigger impact you have created but eventually world is going to show who is the boss. Sometimes even then the self pride of some blindfolded people stops them from seeing reality.
World is full of those who thought of themselves as gods and saw them at the top of the world but at the end world sucked their soul and threw them from the same height, they imagined, to the bottom they created.
Before a person thinks on how to be a better person and improve himself, one must has to take some lectures on life. Sit under the tree and let the wilderness take the lead. The lectures of life are inevitable, you will have to take them one day or another, one way or another.
First of all if life has beaten someone down earlier, it's nothing to be ashamed of or get upset about, just know that life will get everyone. It surely is something to be proud about. Life got you and you learned your lessons today, now you are in the lead and more experienced while all the other people are bitching about life's toughness...
Sometimes life strikes you down and you are too tired to get up. One must know it maybe time of life rewarding you of the hardships that you have faced; the time you are wasting pretending to pinned down, wasting while laying there in your tears. The hardships have ended, the monster has passed, now get up and start moving. The world is and will be yours; you have learned your lessons now don't repeat the mistakes.

Getting up after all the beating is an art most people don’t understand.
It’s simply:

  •     Get Up

  •     Move On

But due to our own over thinking us humans make a fuss out of nothing. After facing the storm, we let a mere gust destroy our roots. You must realize that you have the power; you are the power, the power of imagination. The limitations are in your mind, world is the playground and impossible is possible as long as you have the power to make it possible.
The leadership of this planet was given to human and not its his responsibility to deal with the complexity and move against the current as being human itself is an honor and it comes with great responsibility. Its not just the burden of your life you are carrying but the responsibility of whole world.
The list of achievements goes as long as your imaginations and your imaginations are as wide as your motivation and driving power. Let yourself be motivated by the positivity around you, if there is no positivity, create the positivity, push the accelerator and take your life away from people who themselves do nothing and can’t see anyone else do anything. Those who will talk behind your back will try to associate themselves in front of you tomorrow but only thing you need to understand is to start the journey, to get up and move.
If you start today and give it all what you have, tomorrow, you will be somewhere and those who are helping the time to pin you down, to take hope away from you, will be living in your shadow because that's what they are good at, Living in other shadows.
Decide your own terms and start the journey. If you start moving today the excitement and experience will lead you to your destination. 

But Remember:

Destination come only to those who start the Journey.

You will have to move on a path you choose to reach on the destination you want. In the end, whether you reach on that destination or not, you will have memories of the journey, the experiences and love of the way and much more that will make your journey worth while and at the end, you will never be empty handed or in regret.

May you choose your destination and start the journey of self exploration and at the end, get what you deserves,

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