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Unhappiness – A Case Study Understanding the Misery from Close

Unhappiness – A Case Study

Understanding the Misery from close

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Written By: M Osama Shahzad

The nature is created in a perfectly balanced shape. Everything is on its specified place. The attributes given to humans are in perfect form, but with the choice there came the infinite possibilities and when this scale of possibilities was created, it was created with ends, the positive and the negative as well.
Happiness was made and so was the unhappiness. Now some people may argue that a person has to be neither happy nor sad but on the absolute zero on the scale to achieve perfection but this isn’t entirely right. It is not right because perfection in our human language means something that is best for us, means positivity, the scale may differ as some people settles for least while for some nothing can kill the thirst.
Unhappiness is the state when the values start moving the wrong way from the absolute zero i.e. nothingness. Things start moving downhill or the lack of positivism and happiness.

Unhappiness is caused by three factors mainly:

  • ·         Lack of Happiness

  • ·         Dissatisfaction

  • ·         Being stuck in Past

Any one of the above mentioned things will cause us to slide down. Unhappiness affects us socially, psychologically and destroys our mental peace.
The biggest cause of any feeling in this world is us, we are the driver in our life and no negativity can defeat us until we let ourselves fall. Life is not fair, it never was, it will hit you badly and test you in worst possible ways but you only loose when you let yourself fall and importantly when you refuse to stand up.
Unhappiness corrupts the book of happiness and darkens all the sweet memories, the good past vanishes and all a person remembers is dark and difficult times and miseries. Pessimist take over the mind and in 1000s of good things, the defeated manages to see 1 fault. This not only affects us but also sucks up happiness of all around us, all those to whom we matter are affected by us the most. Hence pessimism because of unhappiness not only makes people unkind and socially awkward but also villains for those who care about them.
Unhappiness is like a chemical reaction gone wrong, like corrosion, like acid burning. Sometimes, like corrosion, some factors slowly take the happiness and eat people from inside while other times, its more stimuli and a factor just start the fire.
In the world of unhappiness, the type that spreads slowly is usually treacherous and unforgiving than the later, because usually if someone fall suddenly, it gives the one time to analyze what happened, note down and eliminate the factors, work on the emotions and get back on feet.
While on the other hand, if unhappiness penetrates from the inside slowly and spread in the body like cancer, it’s much more hazardous. Not because it’s not treatable but because it takes away hope and teaches its victim to survive in the unhappy state. It enchants the victim in its spell and the fallen don’t find the power to even stand up again.
The later kind is dangerous and scary but people can get over it too. It plays the same trick that’s played by the elephant keepers on a baby elephant by chaining it and playing with its psychology to take its hope of freedom away. It’s usually very late when they realize that they could have broken those chains, they could have been happy this entire time. Yes, if there is a sudden light that can show them the path to get out of that dark pit hole, if there is a hope, if there is a hand on their shoulder, then and only then their chains can be broken and unhappiness can be neutralized just like Acid is neutralized by a Base and a buffer stops further damage.
So be the base and buffer in this society where there is so much acidity. Be the love you desire and happiness you look for. Spread Happiness and neutralize the negativity, for sake of you and the ones you love.

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