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Happiness – Weighing the Happiness, a 21st Century Narrative

Happiness – Weighing the Happiness, a 21st Century Narrative

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Written By: M Osama Shahzad

Chapter 3: 21st century is changing the life of common man with an immensely fast pace. With new discoveries, breakthroughs and trends daily it’s not letting humans stabilize. Human morals, family values, concept of honor, lifestyle and living standards are changing on daily basic. This busy routine where there is too much to do with least time is increasing the deficit of emotional growth. Humans do not have enough time to look at those small details, small details that cause internal pleasure and peace.
World has turned into a tough competitive race where every human is supposed to run. This world of technological advancements and development where life has been made easier but a huge gap was created in human emotions and their ability to feel positive and happy.
The ways to be happy have also transformed. World is transforming more into boasting, materialism and choosing shorter way to be happy that is by spending money and choosing to disappear into the lights of this new world. Finding happiness in new branded tops and jeans, grabbing a burger from KFC and by showing your ticket to Dubai to your Instagram friends; that’s what the easiest way towards along the road of happiness according to the 21st century standards.
In this world of uncertainty and hopelessness, where there is none to really feel you, to really connect with you and have a relationship not based on wealth and social status, it is necessary to give yourself short brakes. The quickest ways to happiness are sometimes worth trying no matter how unstable they are. Such ways are like sweet treats to a patient with low sugar. Happiness diverts the negative feelings and gives you much needed confidence and appreciation that all of us deserve. It also nullifies the tension and lowers the pressure, this way of happiness make us realize our self worth and afterwards let us perform better.
The shortest ways of happiness all go through road of materialism. Spending on you and making yourself feel important is the shortcut or a boost to happiness and positivity level. Like all other shortcuts, this shortcut too has many cons and drawbacks. Materialism is like a drug if used in excess. It blinds us from reality and let us makes an imaginative world in our mind where we are kings/queens of our kingdom. Materialism, if used in excess, makes us dependant and thus this slowly becomes the only way one know to make himself happy and without realizing, the person becomes a captive to his/her self created prison.
It is ok to choose materialism to instantly make yourself happy in a situation where nothing is going on right and you feel yourself be engulfed in darkness but it is important to work in parallel on ways that give you real and internal happiness and you feel more accomplished.
Feeling discontented is ok; 21st century isn’t a century of people. But if you let yourself stay unhappy then it’s a crime. You are not just doing a crime of failing to keep yourself pleased but you are also being a magnet creating electromagnetic fields of unhappiness.

So, stay happy. It won’t just improve your performance other than bringing million other positive things into your life but also will make others feel good about them and be joyful.

Be Happy Spread Happiness.

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