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Happiness – Psychology of Happiness

Happiness – Psychology of Happiness

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Written By: M Osama Shahzad

Chapter 2.1

People wait all week for Friday, all year for summers and all life for happiness”

Let’s talk the psychology behind happiness, the need to be happy and the need to keep a positive approach towards happiness. Quantize Happiness and learn about its effects and influences on our lives.
How happy you are? Do you feel that you have nothing despite having everything?  Do you wish life to be more forgiving and bring more joyful and beautiful moments in your lives??
Every wondered what is happiness? How it should be realized?

Happiness is a mystery and should never be rationalized
G.K. Chesterton

I can relate this G.K. Chesterton quote with my own life. What I ever wanted most is to make people happy, make souls smile but the shell around real me, never allowed me to do what’s my instant but I quantized it. I tried to distribute it after processing it through the filters of mind and it did more negative than positive.
Happiness is freedom, to act the way you want to and let the good intentions, you carry, do their magic. You will realize it will do much more good. If you’ll make one soul happy, even if 10 others were too blind to see you, it’ll be worth it. The pleasure will be too overwhelming to handle.
The search for happiness generally starts from money. So let’s talk about classical myth:

Can Money Buy Happiness??

Let’s start from Easterlin Paradox. Easterlin studied relationship between money and happiness. He compared developed countries with poorest and found that it’s not the case. Rick people in one country are happier than the poor but collectively developed and rick countries are as happy as poor countries.
Another study in which happiness of lottery winners was compared to paralyzed patients and it was concluded that happiness of winning the lottery is no more than enjoying small joys of life by the patients. It further delved link between happiness and money.
Psychologists found that only money isn’t the factor that leads you to long and stable happiness.
Mahatma Gandhi gave a unique definition of happiness:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

Every one of us has its own meaning of happiness and a new road will be taking each one of us to the final state of pleasure, self satisfaction and will give some meaning to an individuals’ life. But generally there are some subsets where many factors of us humans are common. Same is the case in happiness; there are things that make us all happy.
Generally we humans are most happy when we have following factors, all filled:

Positive Emotions – Allowing us to be happier in less suitable conditions.
Relationship – People who care for you and you care for them. Forming a mutual bond to transfer and share your emotions and being able to minimize negativity and amplify all the positive emotions.
Flow or Engagement – Allowing your adventurous self to be challenged and touch skies.
Pleasure – Pleasing 5 senses (Delicious food, warm bed, greenery, flower’s pleasant smell etc.).
Meaning – Something to complete your life and give you a sense of achievement, a sense of accomplishment. That tells you that you did something with your life and made an impact.

Why Being Happy Matters – Benefits of being Happy

Why going through all the trouble while you can sleep and stay involved in your poor self all your life? Why running behind something we don’t see???
The question is what you want?? 
Money? Fame? Self Satisfaction? Adventure? Nothingness?
Well there is news, Happiness is from them and they are from happiness.
Even from nothingness?? Yes, the fact is it is related to nothingness much more than it is related to anything else; because both are irrational emotions and both leads to journey towards unknown lands.
So, shortly if you want to do anything or have some goals etc. Be Happy and work on the factors to make you happy because overall you have goals to eventually give you satisfaction and happiness too!

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