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Happiness - Introduction to Book of Happiness

Happiness - Introduction to Book of Happiness

Friday, June 30, 2017
Written By: M Osama Shahzad

Chapter 2: Yesterday we talked about the abstract and concept of happiness. Need to be happy and construct your life yourself in a positive way. Be your own boss and work on yourself to defeat unhappiness and lastly being open and let people support you and help you in all conditions.
Before jumping to conclusions and thinking about “how to be happy?” subject need to look inside its heart, find happiness and have the courage to stare in its eyes. Sometimes subject keep looking for happiness without even detecting its presence. Hence, even if the happiness is roaming around, subject is unable to grasp it and satisfy its restless soul.
The Art of Happiness isn’t a God gifted but entirely based on human psychology. If we divide talents in points then all humans are basically awarded same number of points. Some humans are better at one thing and other better at other. It just means if subject is good in Art it means subject has a head start in its field but for how long that head start will take it? It’s entirely dependent on how much work and effort the subject put on itself, factors like passion, zeal and enthusiasm add fuel to the fire and take the talent to new heights. While if the subject removes these factors from the equation than one day the head start it was blessed with will eventually be neutralized. It means it’s true that a person is as good as its weak link and can’t be great in all things but if one is bad at something that surely it’s the one to be blamed for not working its way up.
Happiness is defined as:

“A mental or psychological state of comfort and well - being. "

Happiness is a fuzzy concept that even today confuses the psychiatrists but Ironically, a child seems to have perfected something which has pinned down the adults for decades. Happiness is measured by other positive emotions ranging from quality of life to internal satisfaction.
When a human child is born, happiness is the only talent or characteristic that is equally divided. After this, life happens, magic happen and subject uses up all of its happiness without adding any to its stock. One only realizes it when one uses up all it had and remained empty handed. One interesting fact is that if subject try to fill up the bucket of happiness with time, it’ll not be a big task but once its empty, it will be a psychological mountain to conquer to start from the beginning. But humans are fundamentally lazy and this laziness blinds us from the coming psychological disasters we push us into.
Happiness is something very beautiful like a garden but if we don’t look after it, it surely will turn into a mess and in the same garden there will be thorns and ugliness that will haunt us down. Happiness is O2 (Oxygen) filled in a room, if we won’t replace it and do proper ventilation, eventually that same Oxygen turned into Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) will make us suffocate.
Hence, dear ones start working on you. Turn on the taps and start filling your bucket. Don’t shy away from sharing some from your bucket because:

“The bucket of happiness is the only bucket in world from which sharing wouldn’t subtract anything but always multiplies. ”

We’ll talk about more on happiness later and know it better. Hoping to see you again.

Let’s know happiness
Let’s Be Happy

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