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Happiness – Happiness Philosophy

Happiness – Philosophy & Happiness

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Written By: M Osama Shahzad

Chapter 2.2: Let’s try to understand happiness today from philosophical Point of view.

“There is no path to Happiness, Happiness itself is the path”
Gautama Buddha

What made philosophers, philosophers is their ability to analyze, ability to look deep into their souls and do some soul searching to find some basic answers to many fundamental questions that effects the common man directly.
According to Socrates, Happiness is not to be found outside. It resides in ourselves; we carry it within our souls. One can find happiness if one can find its lost soul, for this one has to be a wanderer, the one to adventure on new lands and places where the smell of its soul is taking it. (Use of “It” symbolizes lack of gender biasness)
It’s an irony that before Socrates, people used to think happiness to be God gifted. Socrates was the first one to argue on that, to say that happiness is something that can personally be achieved by humans if they put some effort.

“Happiness is universally desired equally by all Souls.”

Happiness depends on us, not on anyone else. Happiness is universally acclaimed thing that is most desired by all Humans. Without happiness we all humans are lost, lost in darkness. Without happiness, we all are incomplete and the most fundamental piece of our existence is not there. To complete ourselves, to know our purpose and to achieve anything, attaining happiness for ourselves is most necessary. Happiness is what we all desire and it completes us.
Happiness can’t be rationalized, it can be quantized to some extent but overall it’s a mystery, covered by a veil. Just like that maiden in veil or the heart of desert or the soul of a lonely icy peak, happiness is a complete mystery.
How to be happy? It’s not as simple as it looks still not as hard as you think.

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will avoid you, but if you turn your attention towards something else, it will come & sit softly on your shoulder.

Hence perhaps worrying about happiness and chasing it will take it further away from you. By doing this, you will be taking away your own inner peace. Happiness is the name of equilibrium, name of satisfaction. How can you be happy when you are not allowing yourself to be satisfied?
This unravels another secret of happiness:

“The secret of Happiness is not to seek more but to be able to enjoy less in your fullest.”

The Book of Happiness has many chapters, some known, some mysterious. The fundamental rule of happiness is to keep your heart in harmony with your mind and listen to the combined final decision.
No matter how much you try, happiness can’t be faked. It’s not something to be shown to others but only to you. We must realize, we can’t lie to ourselves.

“Of all kind of cautions, caution in love is the most fatal one and destroys internal peace and happiness”

Happiness is honesty; happiness is being true to you and accepting what it is. If it’s not the case then lying to you won’t be free, it will always coast your true happiness.
Concluding, Happiness is your relation with your soul. The more you know yourself, happier will you be. Knowing yourself will make it easier for you to be happy, to accept what you are and be satisfied with yourself. Happiness is knowledge; Happiness is acceptance and happiness is freedom, freedom of soul.

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