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Women// A Strength Unknown

Women// A Strength Unknown

Trying to Counter the Narrative of Defined Roles in Society 

In this world, every action holds equal and opposite reaction. Women are being suppressed till now in each and every corner mentally, emotionally and physically. The society is still struggling to accept them and give them an equal place in the world, nothing in this world yet is out of gender bias mentality bounds. Women are looked as women and men as men, the gap between the capabilities and roles in society has narrowed in any developed nations but it doesn't mean that the wall has been destroyed. The wall is still in form of gender specific roles. Even today, women are preferred in marketing, HR and some such specific posts in general which involves human interaction.
Its not entirely a wrong practice overall and while saying that "Its not a wrong practice" anyone doesn't mean that one gender is inferior to the other but we have to understand the difference of role here. Total capability of any human maybe is same but not everyone is an artist, not everyone is meant to be a doctor or to design computer games. Similarly, some roles by default suits women more; Why?? Its not because they are weak or can't fulfill other roles. No, today's woman understands that she is strong but she also knows that she is generally more patient, caring, softhearted than her male counterpart. It obviously gives her lead in certain fields.

Now what we don't understand is that no human is same. We have different goals and mottoes, we all want do achieve different things and generality don't count everybody. If she want to help her father in garage, than no force can stop her. What she want, matters and it can prove to be a turning point. What people of world forget is the personal will of an individual. To be honest, world understand that but it's too cruel to care. Humans, while deciding roles, don't count personal will and ability to groom, adapt and learn according to the situation, in the equation. While talking about the roles, we forget the immense human power to adopt and learn, If she want to do anything, she can groom herself into that person she want to be. To be exact, those roles are like extra credit points given to every human in different subjects to each. Now its up to that individual to continue pursuing that subject or to change the passion.
In developed world women are given some roles but in reality, those roles have no reality. Such roles fulfill nothing but pockets of those industrialists and corporate which are creating this negative narrative just to get some bucks out of it. Yes someone can say that a woman is more compassionate so she can raise a child to be more loving, caring and full of moral values but it doesn't mean that the society has the right to fix up that immense strength in a small box of lead. No one has the right to chose her path but herself. Its not entirely wrong if i say that woman is the only being who can be her father's son, who can be her daughter's father and who can be her husband's support. Not a single word like Feminism or a single book(whether that book be the Dictionary) can store that expression known as woman because that expression is symbol, symbol of hope, symbol 'S'....
May we all be able to understand the power of 'S'



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