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Priorities In Wrong Place?/ Punjab Government and Common People Service

Priorities In Wrong Place?/ Punjab Government and Common People Service 

Lahore In Right Direction??

Common people are the strength of any nation and government. Governments too basically target the common man and try to rise the living standard of the nation by directly affecting life of a commoner in a positive way.
But in Pakistan's biggest province, things aren't quite the same. The government try to push for the huge mega projects which don't directly affect life of masses. In 2012-13, 21% of the whole development budget was spent on metro. One other such project in which nation's money is being burnt is orange line metro. The government was going to destroy the national architecture of great value if International agencies for preservation of heritage and Supreme Court hadn't intervened. Dolphin Force, after gobbling up millions from cuts made in education and health, didn't even help to improve street crime but Lahore has seen a rise in phone snatching incidents and robbery after the creation of Dolphin Force. Now a rope transportation system is being introduced in Lahore, its initial coast estimation is Rs/-300mil.
Personnel Of Dolphin Force

Lahore is a big city of billions and basically its destruction started the day when its boundaries were nullified. Yes, it means now in East, West, North & South of Lahore, there is Lahore. It didn't just gobbled up the chances of development of cities around but is causing mass urbanization and overpopulation. Lahore is expanding at a rapid pace.
Like any other metropolitan city, Lahore has Health, housing, water and electricity problems. Lahore is facing impacts of global warming and it is one of the most polluted cities of Pakistan with air pollution level 6.8X Higher than WHO (World Health Organization) safe levels. High Arsenic Concentration in Lahore's water makes is not consumable. Main cause of water pollution is untreated industrial waste contaminating lakes and rivers.
Lahore covered in Smog

The cuts made on health and education to complete these pump and show projects in just a city, affected whole province situation. According to Economic Survey held in 2016-17, literacy rate in Punjab dropped by 1%. Health conditions also aren't satisfying. Hospitals are over crowded and don't have the ability to function properly. Young Doctors Association is almost always on strike that take away the remaining little hope of a common man.


These conditions will not only have an adverse affect on Lahore but on whole Punjab itself. The one man Army, Mr Shahbaz Sharif is making all the decisions on his own and its not too wrong to say that it is the perfect recipe of destruction generally for Punjab and specifically for whole of Lahore itself. It is already swallowing up Lahore with over population and pushing already under developed areas around Lahore way back. The water is already scarce in provincial capital. Probably after getting out of the hospital untreated, the poor, illiterate common man will enjoy swinging on rope Transport System that will be off because of energy crisis that day. Its worry some that in future, Lahore seems to be that big hard shell that will be empty from inside.

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