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Pakistan Hockey Team Participation in World Cup 2018? - A Big Question Mark

Pakistan Hockey Team Participation in World Cup 2018? - A Big Question Mark

Published on Thursday, June 29, 2017
Muhammad Osama Shahzad

Islamabad:  Former 3 times Olympic Champions Pakistan’s Hockey Team is in wet water this time and isn’t getting direct access in Men World Cup Finals. Their participation is conditioned to complete among top 5 teams in World Cup Qualifier being held in London from 15 June-25 June.
Pakistan’s International ranking dropped to unfortunate 13th position; due to which it missed recent 2 big events. 1st was 2014 World cup hosted In Hague second was 2016 Rio Olympics. Pakistan failed to qualify for both.
Pakistan Hockey Team has reached London from Ireland after playing 3 test series and is currently participating in World League.
After an unfortunate defeat of 1-6 from India in 5th and 6th place race, came down and chose China as their rival, this time for 7th position. Pakistan defeated China by 3-1 and hence finished off at 7th in World League.

India will be hosting next World Cup in Bhubaneswar from 24 November to 16 December next year. Total number of competing teams has been increased to 16 by International Hockey Federation (FIH).

India as a host, earned the ticket for World Cup and the continental qualifiers too will be given direct access. If some continental champion ends up topping the qualifiers at London and Johannesburg than it will make entry of some low ranked teams in the World Cup.
If Argentina get qualified for 2018 World Cup from their continental championship and be the 6th team in HWL semifinal (1st round)- India already got a place by default as the hosts. Hence it will pave way for the 7th ranked team i.e. Pakistan. Hence after this long and tiring journey, Pakistani Hockey Team still has chance to qualify with some Ifs.

Pakistan will get a direct access to World Cup if it can be Asian Champion by conquering coming Asia Cup from 30th September to 8th October.

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