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Moth, Fire & Wind/ A tale of Love

Moth, Fire & Wind/ A tale of Love

In the darkest of dark nights, the rain was falling, the droplets were penetrating the air and wind was blazing through the cold souls, turning them into stone statues. All the livings were worried about the harshness and were in a struggle to keep their souls be consumed by the frost.
In all this hustle & ruffle when not a single soul knew about the consequences it has to face, a moth was wandering, letting its burning soul float within air, letting itself consumed by flow of time. The desire to meet with its destiny, desire to let itself be found by something it love, something worthy of letting its soul dissolve in it was charging it up, was making it bold, and sucking its fear of the consequences out. Moth had the eyes blazing with the desire to find the missing, the point that’s never there to be found but only by those who look for it. Its something exceptional that’s not visible to the naked eye of common souls, only those who fuel up their souls to burn the lantern which shows the path, have the chance to be able to find something. Being able to know that something is missing despite all the shines of world blinding eyes of its residents, it itself is an achievement of its own and it only happens if one has a strong bond with its soul.
The moth which itself is a tiny & fragile creature but holds immense power to look for its path. Once someone start the search, nature itself start the struggle to make it meet with its destiny, to let it reach its destination. The wandering moth meets up with the wind that carries the information of the East. Moth hear stories of the round sun, full of strength and shine, it make everything it touch, shine and glow with energy. The moth longs for meeting up with the spirit of fire to take it out of darkness, let it shine with all its potential and let it fly, fly carefree & lightweight. Moth longs to carry fire in its own self. Wind warns moth that flying too high may burn its wing, its fragile body may not be able to carry all the power. Moth said “won't he be the light if he be with the light? Won’t going in it make them both one?”
Carrying the wish to be the light it wish to be, moth started it journey. Journey to eventually find its destiny. After years of search, one day moth found a candle flickering under the banyan tree. The candle was taking its last breath and loosing its life force to the wind. Moth saw the fire it desired, it flew near it and started circumambulating around the tip of fire with the hope of storing some fire in it, with the hope of meeting with its beloved. Candle was about to completely die but moth wanted to save the soul, to safe its destiny, to save the perfection it desired. It decided to go all in to embarrass the love of its life, to go to the fire and hold its hands & it went in. It fused itself with the dying fire to seal the bond of their souls, to be eternal in this temporary word of souls.
That fusion still exists in the world, it’s the way to follow for every moth. It shows the strength of destiny till today. For all those who are there looking up to find something to complete their souls are there trying to find their fire, willing to give up their souls in order to complete their incomplete self, to achieve the unachievable and to drink from the cup of immortality. They know that in land of fire, no one can go with this cloth of flesh & bones on but one has to get rid of this immortal body and close all doors of going back in order to go forth. To get something, they have to burn themselves up willingly and this will take them to their destination. There are many souls still wandering to find the flickering candle, to find the dying fire. If you see the wanders, you will see their souls burning. Don’t forget to fill up your pen with inspiration flowing out of the wanders so that you may someday gather up the courage to complete the forgotten part of you Someday…
Best of luck for tomorrow.

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