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I Wonder/ Some Questions, Some Confusions, Some Solutions

Some Questions, Some Confusions, Some Solutions

I wonder if we will think when its too late
when our thoughts won't profit anymore
When the sun has set and darkness has swept across the land
When the child stopped crying and mother stopped boiling stones
When the beauty we desire thrives no more
If it will be too late, I wonder
When sky has come near to the ground
When water is allover but none to drink
When animals will be fighting status quo war of Humans
When trees are no more but plantation drives are much more
If it will be too late, I wonder
When legal is hard and sin is easy
When trends will go crazy
When there is no music in music
And there will be no G but PG
Every not to do will be done and game will be on
Playground will be world and spectators will be Humans
I wonder if still the way back home goes from the Maktab (School)
If reconciliation is still an answer, is there is some fire to mold the ego

Egos thrive and people loses each other and at the end all we have to blame is the time and fate. But funny is the fact that fate bends to the side of those who wait, just like a fruit bearer tree that's down to earth, a successful person who is carrying something sweet in is heart is more humble, patient and forgiving.
Forgive others so that you too can forgive yourself and allow yourself to accept your dark side and live with it.
Whenever You are tense, relaxing is the best option, so try jspuzzles to loosen up!

Stay happy, stay smiling!!

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