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Under Pressure

Being a university student/ Social Worker and a wanderer, I have a fair share of heart pounding and unexpected moments and hosted butterflies more time in my stomach than normal people usually do (Thanks to my unusual frequency of asking “What if?”). There were tough interviews, unexpected debates and unusual situations where anyone may freak out. Freaking out is normal but letting yourself down, letting that pressure mold you and make you fall on your knees is not.
So, next time you find yourself in a tight corner, try these tips to help you keep your composure.

Minimize the Shock:

Something unexpected happened; Car broke before interview; you forgot the anniversary gift for your wife. OMG now what?? Give yourself a chance to feel the unexpected. Your strategy must be to let yourself go with the flow but you must not let the flow take you with it. Decelerate gently and leave the flow of that unexpected trance.
If you’ll try to pressurize yourself in that situation, it will do no good but worsen and lengthen that shock which may affect your decision making and pressure handling in that situation.

Keeping Composure:

You got out of the shock… great. Now relax your mind, think. Don’t try to make hasty decisions, don’t raise your blood pressure. Last thing you need to do is showing yourself sweating in front of them. Don’t let them see you. Don’t run to others asking for help with a worried face & stop shaking your legs. Tell yourself “It’s alright and I will do best”.

Pinpointing Problem:

Now after building yourself up and relaxing your mind, think about what actually the problem is? Without the exact problem, you cannot quickly look for answers. It may surprise you how easy the process is after knowing the problem. Most of us make a fuss over nothing and it’s just because of that pressure and not knowing what to do. Knowing the problem will open doors of solutions from where you can know what’s best for you.

Possible Solutions:

Now you know the problem; you’ll feel that you are way more relaxed and calm than before. The possible solutions, the possible choices are now in front of you. Analyze the choices. You’ll find the easiest one, cheapest one, fastest one, longest route and so on….
Choose the best that suits the scenario and you. Also note that cheapest isn’t always the best, shortest route always isn’t easiest. Don’t be hasty, don’t let people or greed influence you and most importantly think out of the box for all, don’t just think about yourself but also those to whom this choice of yours may affect.

Don't look Back:

You have chosen a path, now walk it till the end. Every tongue has different opinion so don’t let yourself get confused or stray away from the path. Chose to accept the consequences and it will make you much happier in your life ahead and people who matters to you too will be happier. Don’t worry; you can’t make everyone happy all the time.
Stay Happy and keep spreading smiles.

With Love


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