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From the valleys of dwindling HOPE

Ever wondered why….
Water falls making its own path, removing all the obstacles. Or why soil is not constantly firm. Would the hiking trials be like they are now, or humans would have imagined that they can conquer these might giant, because imagination itself need a spark to lit up!. Wouldn’t there be streams if the soil were constantly firm & eventually the whole mountain from one side would have been dissolved from water, or rocks were of one size or sand could not hold rock!
Ever wondered why the small bee, buzzing around, go from one jasmine to another &so on; sucking its nectar, for whom? Working so hard, for what? Its larva?? Bee buzzing around just raising new generations to create a cyclic process? Think again…

Why grasshopper is green? Or ladybird is red & black or raven is different from crow and mule different from horse? While mule is loved in mountains and horse use is in plains still being from same family. Why lady bird has white dots and butterflies represent millions of art spectacles much before than art itself was invented. Why there is color and in color different shades and in shades different patterns; or why there are different shapes and in shapes different sizes and in sizes different types? Why Sun flower follows sun or night jasmine blooms only in night? Why there are different sounds and in sounds different symphonies and in symphonies different rhythm? Why Karakorum is different from Hindukush and its different from Koh e suleman and its different from waziristan range and its different from desert sandy peaks and those different from the salty rock mountains. Why soil produce a specific pleasant smell after rain or sun kill germs in air(& water) when air passes from water…
Think where you would have been if Sunflower hasn’t taught you about that energy the mighty burning ball holds, or that smell after rain hasn’t invited you to learn about its reason (microbes)? or lightening wouldn’t have fallen? or that sparkle from 2 small stones hadn’t set wood on fire? Why birds fly, why wind rustle, why temperature change and things get greener after rain. What if 14th moon didn’t rise the sea waves?
The moment we started expecting books to fulfill us, we emptied is ourselves; because we are already so filled. The answers are there outside, in the place that hold all the answers and never got credit, Our Mother Nature. Lets give it some credit, to make us so filled, so amazingly genius that due to our big minds, we just mingled everything and after all the mess, we couldn’t even end our thirst of happiness, power, attention, this and that, what if? & bla bla…
Let’s stop serving oneself, lets stop trying to make oneself happier and wealthier and full of satisfaction. Because, you know, my ‘what if?’ told me what if we are looking on wrong direction? What if all the things we want for ourselves come to us if we spread them; like crops, spread seeds and it’ll come back to you multiplied and keep it in lockers and it’ll destroy one day from moisture or microbes or loot or disaster.
Give my ‘what if?’ a chance because I know its also your ‘what of', Be Brave..
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