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Finding Hope

Hope-less-ness, no hope at all, when the sun stops shining, the rain stop to fall, smile vanishes and life force start to fade away. People start to question their usefulness and “(life’s) purpose” is in court of their mind.
Today I would like to discuss this disease, how it starts and eat person from inside, how it dried many pounds. We surely would try to figure out how to get rid of it. So people, bear with me…
The basic reason of questioning one’s self worth is having too much to do and not doing anything. When you start living life in a cycle that according to your opinion is perfect; and that opinion is based on what you learned from society (Perfect!!)…
So suddenly one day you woke up, looked inside and found emptiness.
What?? Nothing was inside??
Nothing at all!!
It freaked you out and instead of sitting and evaluating where and what went wrong you decides to lose your senses, let everything go.
Didn’t understand??
Let me elaborate.
We have a faith in system, in society. So 90% of us believe that there is something wrong with them instead of what system (general people) taught them. It’s not surprising at all.
Let me congratulate you if you actually went through this phase, because after going through this process you are no more among the crowd. Believe me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Most of us after knowing people are sheep, people don’t think and their direction isn’t right; still tries to paint themselves like the rest. Why?? Because generally we are afraid of standing out, being zebra in donkeys (See… It’s not as bad as you thought it is :-P). This right there my dear is the main reason why satisfaction is absent, clearly mind can’t be at peace if you yourself will not do justice with your potential.
Ever listened? “Those who know and do nothing are worse than the illiterates.” So that’s the price “those who know” have to pay.
There is nothing wrong with us, this place we call our home just got messed up and we are too afraid to call it messed up. Ever wondered why the advancements in science, technology and living standard are inversely proportional to happiness, spirituality and satisfaction? That’s because with the advancements we became lazy; uploading filtered pictures, I stopped realizing how ugly I am; face book friends grew but respect and value for people shrank; reading all the positive comments, we started hating that only person who inboxes us about how bad that picture is; flattering in front & gossiping at the back became fashion.
Without realizing these 1000s of small things made us delusional, liars and you all know whatever…..
In presence of all these things you think you can find satisfaction??
Satisfaction is there waiting for you, just cross the line of “What If?”
May you all be at peace & find happiness.

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