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The Destructor

This is the story of long time back when the Earth was newly created, This story is about the best creation ever, the flag bearers of modern world, the one who turned evil, the destructor themselves. Earth was divided in different domains, each domain with its own guardian. Fairies ruled the wind, Earth was ruled by Dwarves, Golems ruled the fire, Centurions used to be king of animals and Mermaids were queens of water. Angels were appointed on the guardians to look after!
Dwarves worked day and night planting saplings all around the earth, from snowy mountains to lush plains, from hot barren deserts to muddy wet marsh lands. They worked hard creating different kind of plants for each and every type of land and raised every leaflet of tiny grass until it turns every patch of plain green and every small sapling to a fully grown strong tree. Dwarves created guardians of forest to look after and take care. In every tiny leaf of every plant and every branch of big mighty trees, there was true love and unspeakable hard work involved. Dwarves smiles were directly linked with their children. They all were always busy giving love to the green. In creation of dwarves was given to the old selflessness and love.
Fairies, the gentle and humble. Fairies created many Pegasus of blue and white, of black and grey colors. The air routes and seasons were created, rain and snow came into being. After all that hard work Pegasus was made the prince if clouds and rain. Its rumored that even today its shows itself to babies and wave!!
Golems worked in fire. There were streams of fire flowing around globe just like water. The fire was given a lot of strength by golems and made most powerful of all. It started clashes between water and fire kingdom, before things be worse, angles intervened and boundaries were created. Water kingdom moved towards oceans mostly with limited presence on mainland while due to golems furious behavior and the unlimited power of Earth, golems were banished from the mainland and were asked to cover up all the fire sources with huge rocks. The golems worked hard and created huge and mighty mountain ranges trying to show their higher status. This made things more serious and most of golems were banished in deepest prisons underworld. It’s said that prison of a golem is as deep as the height of mountain made by that golem.
Mermaids were the most beautiful and naughty creatures. They also were clever (That’s why golems despite of their power and numbers are down in the underworld). Mermaids were the queen of waves and water, the seas and the ocean, the pearls and the lilies. Mermaids made the water a unique piece of beauty. They also stole colors from sun’s 1 light, and spread them all around the waters on earth, from blue to green, from marshy to dark, from crystal white to aqua. They created and looked after each bigger and small fish.
Centurions the mighty and proud, who used to flock with the fastest Arabian horses and leopards from one jungle to another to look after animals. They created different herds and all the rules for hunting and grazing, All the animals looked to them for support in time of need and they never let any animal down.
There were 99 qualities that used to rule this Earth, one after another!
After the state of equilibrium was achieved, perfection was sent to our planet to rule. It ruled for a while and was married to satisfaction. They had two children Princess Happiness and Prince Love!!
After end of their tenure, Lord ended tenures of all the Mighty group of qualities and summoned a meeting. All of them and all good and bad qualities from highest heavens and lowest hells were called. They were tasked to create a creature. New qualities named “conscious”, “Decision” and “Possibility” were formulated and they helped with all other qualities in creation. The guardians were called for the ingredients. All the angels gathered in front of the Lord and begged him not to create that creation with the power having no boundaries and involving “Decision” and “Conscious” but Lord told them “You Don’t know what I Know.”
Earth was mixed with water, Golems just asked small part in the creation of this new creation and asked to let they make the heart, So heart of fire was inserted, In the end fairies blew air….. Phooooo!!!
A new creation was there, a strange thing happened during this process, a new quality “Innocence” born with it.
With this creation “End” itself ended! End was turned into an animal and sacrificed by Centurions. It was destined to reborn into existence and with its re existence everything was deemed to end itself.
The new creation, Humans were given the staff of excellence, needed to rule the earth, and all the guardian angels were called back except the messengers. Equilibrium and happiness were send along human.
The qualities of human, staying un used in presence of equilibrium and happiness got rusted and corrupted, fire turned partially into lust, lust for metal for land. Water started converting into greed, greed to engulf everything, air started taking its influence from pride, to touch skies and look down on others, earth started turning into dust, thinking itself to be useless and low life and complaining on everything.
On this situation, Lord got angry and called happiness and equilibrium back. Human still had its qualities somewhere buried inside but the fire inside lit up!
Corruption of Innovation was the last bad thing that could happen for the guardians. The best started cutting trees and hunting/fishing without limits. Guardians fled to the no one’s land, a land away from naked eye, a land that starts at the end of lust and the extreme of struggle, a land that only can be found by those who desire that raw beauty and do understand its value.
Greed winked at us and we started that never ending pursue of attaining perfection, the unattainable. Trying to tough the sky, we ploughed entire forests and made entire million families homeless. Millions of sleeping giants wake up every morning breathing the O2 and giving out the smoke, Human the care taker, the flagbearer to modern civilization, became the destructor. We consider ourselves fulfilling our duties by freeing a pair of sparrows (of Rs-/ 100) after spending 7 bucks at KFC (ironic, isn’t it?) and most of us don’t even bother that. We grew hungrier, restless and meaner with time. Today we even lost us, among our own type there are no more than couple of beings we can talk to.
Human the flag bearers, the destructor of this beautiful land is the sole responsible of every great tragedy happening around. Even nature wouldn’t has caused that much destruction as much as we have caused on this planet just in the past century.
There is still a land, a land beyond the grasp of this mind, where there are few souls of ours and that’s still a beautiful land. The guardians still look over there, the birds still chirp, the flowers still bloom, the wildness still exist…. Beyond the hands of destructor beyond the eyes of destruction
There still is a world, a world beyond ours, where magic still exists, where fairies still fly, where truth still’s spoken, where shells don’t exist, God’s still is in the heart, where light’s still is bright…. Beyond the hands of destructor beyond the eyes of destruction
Let’s wreck all the havoc we can…. We know when we don’t be here, nature will consume our leftovers to heals some of its wounds that we caused.
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The Destructor

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