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The Maiden Of Love

A butterfly, mixture of different colors, maiden of the garden, mistress of flowers. A butterfly, softer than silk, more fragile than heart of a teenager. Butterflies roam in front of all the creatures, doing their duties by spreading the sprinkles of happiness and joy.
When the balance of power was created, butterflies were given charge of joy and beauty and given ancient knowledge of creating dusts and sprinkles to allow the creatures to see world’s beauty and charm.

With the passing time darkness started spreading its wings and everything started withering. All the creatures started moving with the changing time except butterflies.
The queens were being murdered, looted and the same beauty that was their proud and distinction, became a curse.
Butterflies were no longer the queen but laughing stock.
One day the spirit of deception, chameleon came to the beauty queens. Everyone used to think that the queens became proud and are sowing for what they reap but not evolving with their kingdom except the wise master.
He asked the queens to evolve and offered his help to teach….
But was refused!!
Master asked angrily “So you want it yourself? You want to be mocked and killed? What even you want to achieve?..................
We were the bearer of beauty, we hold to the sacred oath to spread happiness and beauty, to end the distress, to give hope, to make others smile, with us lives the hope.
What do you expect? Change to what? Hide in shadows? Change with every changing color and trend?
Once you attain the power of changing your true colors, there’s a curse, evolve to dark and Ugly.
People do change sides, it’s not their fault that they don’t see, but if I do and still choose this path than my dear, I will be at fault. We don’t lack the courage, it’s a battle with time? Don’t you know time do change? Don’t you realize that’s after the darkest night, comes the brightest day?
Half of us creatures are struggling to evolve with time and trends. What’s this struggle for when we also realize that our enemy aren’t the creatures around, but time. These creatures are mere tool. Sad that they don’t even realize that they are just running behind a time mirage, trying to achieve what itself is all time changing, unstable and inconsistence image of perfection.
Beauty, my dear, always remain there, admired, seen, loved and worshipped.
Beauty and purity doesn’t need an introduction, it itself is its introduction.
We are living with our curse of less life, and you my friend are living with a choice to follow whether good or bad.
You are welcomed to run behind that uncertainty and illusion but we can live with this garden of mine and these few blossomed flowers left…

With the last fallen wing, the last drop of hope, till the last flight, until the darkness overtakes us, we will fight, the hope will be there, people will smile, nightingales will sing, flowers will blossom, the world will be beautiful.

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