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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, I opened my eyes, there were some old people around me with sparkling eyes and deep smiles. They talked about fairies and giants, Love and Happiness, Rain and Rainbow, Cobras and Dragons and one day they went away, smiling for me and eyes filled with hope …. And the loop continues!!
We start living from the moment we start breathing but actual living is when we start feeling. Feeling all the beauty around us and appreciating what we feel. Good thing about feelings is that they give us imaginations and make us wonder about the huge possibilities that we may or may not have. In short, feelings make us dream, they give us hope, for the better possibilities, for a next day, for a day where we will be us, the day when sun will be brighter and kites will fly, for a day when there will be angels around and fairies will fly, you won’t be judged because of the way you live, a day when you will be better person and life will be fair to you…
Sounds fantastic… Isn’t it?
We all know Nothing is perfect so we just don’t think like that after getting to our senses. We are practical people living a practical life and practical life first rule is be literal. You are told that you have to run to save yourself from the race of tomarrow. Time isn’t your friend, it will crush you if you will not run fast enough and people will just run over you. You have to compete to be successful.
Successful?? How??
Just run fast and be master of what you are doing and be known.
After Being Known?
Do whatever you want mate… get a life, house, girl, drive and a puppy or horse whatever…
Then what?? I will tell you then what…
You have run faster enough. So much fast that you have left everyone else behind. You don’t dream, have no wishes left, you don’t want to jump in rainbows or walk in rain, you don’t love petals anymore and night don’t make you frightened. Now you live in a place you don’t have any feelings for, you have a puppy with which you can’t play and have a garden where you don’t roam. You don’t have the people around with whom you can laugh carelessly. You spent the life without meaning and now when you are wise enough to understand, you have those dreams and hopes back. You spend your time with your grandchildren talking about fairies and giants , Talking about rainbows and rain.
A life without emotions is not a life well spent. What’s meaning of a life where you have everything you think you’ll need but in the end you come to know that its meaningless. What will you do then expect pitying yourself?
Stop judging success with the scale set by society and people. Society will never help you when you’ll be empty handed standing in some dark corner of life without a single event of life to cherish upon, an event that gave meaning to your life and made you proud of yourself.
Money and all those facilities do matter tough they don’t give you a meaning to live upon. It is not race that earns you money, but dreams. If Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were not dreamers, then they would be in some nameless firm doing some usual job. All things around you are work of dreams and wonders. You just have to adapt and overcome the fear of “If”..
Time is thought to be an enemy but its not. A time spend never come back and you are not going forwards, but backwards. You are like that battery that doesn’t have the its rating mentioned on it. Your time will eventually run out, you want or not and that's good thing about time but we don't care...
Because you are programmed to run!
Forgetting Something??
Stop forgetting your source code that makes you do any editing in your current written set of information…
Reevaluate your current program and delete the lines that make you frightened of tomorrow because you have to live today before tomorrow. As a matter of fact, if today is certain then tomorrow isn’t, if this hour is then today is not, if this minute is then this hour isn’t and if this second is then this minute isn’t. Think about future but while thinking don’t stop living in the moment. So, just be friend with the time and dream for real. Live with hope and smiles and the next time you see someone fallen on the timescale while racing, instead of passing by, try giving a hand with a smile… :-)

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