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Nature The Nurturer

What is Nature??
Wilderness, countryside, flora, landscape and environment??
What if you live in a city and there is no landscape or flora, countryside or wilderness?? It means there isn’t any nature around you?
A comprehensive definition of nature as per Oxford Dictionaries is:
“The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”
Briefly everything around human beings is nature.
Nature is the ultimate teacher that’s balancing the life from the start. Humans learnt from the nature and still are learning. Nature nurtured all the living forms and kept the perfect balance on Earth. There are 1000s of lessons to be learnt from the nature.
Antony Douglas Williams wisely said:
“Take a quiet walk with mother nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul.”
In this world of hurry and restlessness where everyone is in a hurry and unsure about tomorrow, nature disagrees with everyone. Nature doesn’t hurry yet everything is accomplished. Nature teaches us to be calm and confident about our present and we will achieve what we desire. Everything has a time and restlessness is of no good. Sun Rises at a time, Stars shines at their, seasons come and go and wind blows at its time. A drop falls at its time and when its time ends it evaporates back. This phenomenon also teaches us not to be disappointed when we lose something.
When you are disappointed and alone walking alone in a park you just don’t see the messages of nature. Grass under your foot is there to tell you to be humble, so are the pairs of feet walking miles every day yet not complaining. Nature rewards the humbleness with strength. The grass crushed, grows stronger. You too go to gym to work out to get stronger hence remember that humbleness isn’t a passive quality but it is the quality of pros and those who are extra ordinary. A tree laid of fruits gives fruit when stones are thrown at it.
Equilibrium (Balance):
Nature has kept the world in a perfect state of equilibrium. It has kept the perfect amount of water in form of ice as it was needed to be, perfect amount of forests, animals, birds and fish in sea. Perfect amount or snow melts and perfect amount of water goes in seas every year also perfect amount of water evaporates. Where there are lions, there are dears and where there are dears, there is grass. The plants that can’t reach the sunlight are carnivorous. This indeed is the indication to keep balance in our life.
We see the ants working hard in our backyard to store food for themselves. Thousands of us are working hard and struggling to climb great mountains still we don’t get the nature’s message that greatness demands great struggle.

Nature is a happy place and spread happiness. It gives peace of heart. Whenever you are upset, you go to visit mother nature. Happy chirping birds, slow breeze, waving colorful flowers and the colors outside are the nature’s instrument to teach us the art of happiness.
Nature is what that teaches us to ask why and how?
It makes us wonder how the marvelous wonders are accomplished and what is there left to discover. Nature is what taught us to made fire, to fly, to made homes and skyscrapers and most importantly to achieve greatness.
Nature is the ultimate teacher and is teaching us. It is showing us what we are doing wrong in form of different signs and what we have done right.
Next time when you get confused or upset and ask the question “WHY??” from yourself just take a walk in the nature. Maybe Nature will answer to your call..!!

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