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Dear Diary-An Optimistic You

Blaming is not accepting your fault and giving credit of all wrongs in your life to others. I got C- in semiconductors because that teacher had something personal against me, I vomited after eating Biryani because someone has put a bad sight on it, I couldn’t be there at time because of traffic issues, I got 32/35 while xyz got 33/35 because he cheated more and I didn’t (cheated) enough ohhh poor me!!, that policeman challaned me because he is dum* a** and the list goes on….
The length of this list is inversely proportional to spiritual peace and happiness. Word “I” becomes most important and the structure of society just falls apart because I have the right to be happy, I have the right to be rich, I have the right to have everything I want!
Focusing on that “I” we often forget us. Happiness, needs and life of other people just start losing their meaning. Here the selfishness term gets its meaning. Point to be noted (especially in Pakistani society) is that, this tree of selfishness is planted by those who love us most(parents) by giving us that unnecessary love and attention while we are too immature to understand that we are not most important person to the world but only to them!! Later we learn this lesson from world in a rather hard way.
A hand can’t clap itself, it only can slap(oneself)! 2 hands are needed to clap. So stop to blame others for all the wrong doings because in all those claps if one hand is of someone bad then remember the second hand is yours!! Before putting the blame on others just make sure that you have the 0% role in that wrongdoing. You will surely realize that this 0% role will never be possible as you will find yourself involved somewhere surely.
If you stop blaming others, you will see that you will have the chance of self-improvement, spiritual happiness and peace of heart. This will also invoke qualities of thankfulness and gratefulness. Gratefulness is thanking for what you have and stop complaining for the wrongs. It will create an optimist version of you. Believe me, this optimist version is much better and realistic than pessimist you! You never counted all those blessings, you have which if you start to count, you will know that those blessings and good things being happened to you are much more in time, size and quantity than those bad things on which you never stop winning about.
Hence for happiness remember this equation:
Blaming is inversely proportional to your character, spiritual happiness and peace of mind while Gratefulness is directly proportional to them. Forgiveness is a constant which if multiplied with Gratefulness, do wonders in one’s life…

Have a Happy Life!

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