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Dear Diary-What's Soo Big In This? 71115

DPO Punjab Police was captured on camera hunting endangered species along with 2 criminals. Not just hunting but also using government machinery and protocol. When media tried to contact Punjab's Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah his recorded reply was "What's such a big fuss about this??" I really want you to see the face of such a person who calls himself the mighty law minister of our Punjab.
This is a face which made me ashamed of myself while being an inhabitant of Punjab. But let's try being less emotional here....
What this person said is so wrong in this society??
I don't think so. Actually I agrees with him. What's A Fuc***g big fuss in killing 12-18 deer and some 150 birds with some friends?? When rapers and blackmailers of 180-300 (mainly male) children (Kasur Scandal ) can dodge law and get out of scene then it's really a fuss!
When a DCO son can kill any pedestrian while driving to die, and still gets bail and hides in his pappa's mansion then this really is a big fuss.
When an incident like Sundar Indusrial state do raises questions on performance of Government Of Punjab then killing some animals illegally is really a small thing.
Such incidents happening around our surrounding are shame for us and last thing we can do is to feel shame. I asks myself where this society is going?? Then I asks "Do I hold the right to ask this question?" We are like those people who don't vote and then spend next 5 years abusing all the politicians. Or those who vote Teer(Arrow) and plays our role in defeating the gentleman(and that gentleman defeat is so miserable that he abondon from serving the people) and then afterward complains that there isn't any worthy person in politics. Fact is people can't see any worthy person in politics themselve. They have to vote on cast and creeds and status level. Why would I vote a farmer who is nothing? Now farmer is gonna be my MPA?? I don't think so....
We invited all this misery upon us and now we alone have to face and tackle it.
Let's take strings of our country in our hand. "Be the Change You Want To See." Lead so that others can follow you. This is our country and it has given us alot like none other and in returns we sucked its blood. Kill the vampire inside you and be the Vampire Hunter!

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