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Dear Diary-Religion & Glamour 11115

Ayyan Ali

Ayan Ali (a Pakistani model) after getting involved in money laundering scandal, is now planning to be religious by deeds and for this she contacted famous Muslim scholar Moulana Tariq Jameel. After hearing this news what came to my mind is this fact that how mean we are. Humans, when get helpless just move towards anyone whom they deems worthy to help them. We don't realize that Islam is not just a religion but a way of life and a set of guidelines. Well best wishes for Ayyan (At least after this i don't have to bear those breaking news where she slipped).
Well again in Local Government elections PPP in Sindh and PMLN in Punjab won so i guess "Tabdeeli aa Ni rahi; Tabdeeli Ni aarahi hai!" (Change wasn't coming, change isn't comming)....
Fact is lower class in subcontinent don't care about those who rules them. After being crushed in chains of slavery, people here cares little for improving social and political system mainly because they have to take care of their next meal and saving some extra pennies so that their children might enjoy chicken at weekends. The middle class did changed to some extent and awakened to some extent but this level of awakening is limited to their free time on social media. People don't want a single chance of not earning money so doing something for country as a citizen is still something new and waste of time in eyes of Middle class. Upper Class, the rick one are roots of are trouble i will say as those rich had the chance to actually bring the change after creation of Pakistan but here things didn't change (but got worse if we count justice, social system and corruption etc). Well if you want to bring a change then you actually have to get up and struggle. Be your own leader and lead your way to do something for others. Leaders are never alone, it will surely be difficult in the start but people what need is an inspiration to follow. Be that change you want to see in the society.
My roommate is shivering here sitting in front of me and when I asked him, Is it cold?? His reply surely was No man it isn't. We Humans have strange nature. Humans don't want to show their weak sides just because it hurts their pride. We all should realize that human is made of sand and yeah it is made to shine but with weaknesses. How is a person supposed to accept weaknesses of others if that one can't even accept his own weakness?? First law of acceptance is to accept weakness of oneself before we can move towards accepting faults and negative points of others. So just start killing that fake pride so that you can live without those grudges in heart.

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