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Dear Diary-Oh Dear-31115

Had a lovely and damned day. Someone most important got sick and today as well as today I had the chance to experience something unique... Love! Feeling loved and being loved are two different kind of expressions and we(humans) confuse it with each other. Humans need to be realized constantly that people love them otherwise we people often falls into despair and start hating the hateful world where no one love them. Humans often fails to see that love is basic part of human nature and by default all people acquainted to you, do love you in one way or another. Just the way of expressing love is different. Some people openly show their likeness while others shy. There are also those who don't know the way, 
A person when see the world to be hateful and can’t find likeness and affection then their nature towards world becomes hostile and for no reason they gets filled with hate and anger. So knowing that you are being loved is what one should try with oneself and for others, just shows that you love them. Showing isn't as hard as it looks, sometimes even sharing French fries do the job: (:-P )

What one can do is satisfying oneself or giving priority to others. There is also another way that is keeping yourself as well as other people happy by creating balance between what others expect from you and what you want just take Shahid Afridi as an example. When you have to play big shorts, following your heart, also knowing that you will get out, then as a matter of fact you get out in the first over then that when you disappoint others while satisfying yourself. Then it’s your responsibility to compensate while you are bowling and perform according to other people expectations so that you can restore Law of Keeping all around Happy.

Keep following your heart 
Till Next Time

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