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Daily Diary- Minorities?? Minorities!! 101115

I am a simple person sitting on a bed, in a blanket and using my core i5 laptop and wifi to write this article at 5:40 pm. I am a Muslim living in Pakistan, a country created on the name of Islam and people who were supposed to be pure of heart and beautiful of nature. But today i can't confront anyone or even face myself in a mirror after what was happened to an innocent girl in school in Faisalabad. In Faisalabad (A city named in honor of Saudi king Shah Faisal) a saint and really pure Muslim teacher who calls herself follower of the true and the only, The Almighty. That teacher didn't let an infidel and qafir girl use the pure and pak washrooms of Muslims as after the kafir girl use the Muslim commodes then those commodes will no longer be Muslims.
Being follower of Islam is the only thing I am proud of (ignoring the fact that i didn't played any part by myself to have or deserve this blessing) and even the whole word's propaganda against Muslims and showing racism, discrimination and behaving in that way that would even shame those of Dark ages, nothing like this, not a single thing dishearten me ever but what happened today. We, the Muslims claim to be those on the right path and we have reasons to believe so and Islam is our pride but how we are representing Islam to the world?? Does Islam teaches that?? Today being a Pakistani and Muslim I am in sorrow and grief like I never was before.
Islam stresses Human Rights. Human Rights are even classified above then rights that Allah holds on us and this is how we, the Muslims are fulfilling Human rights and taking care of those Humans created and loved by Allah.
"Beware!  Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, curtails their rights, burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment." (Abu Dawud)
The tolerant attitude of Islam towards non-Muslims, whether they be those residing in their own countries or within the Muslim lands, can be clearly seen through a study of history.  This fact is not only purported by Muslims, but many non-Muslim historians also accept it.  Patriarch Ghaytho wrote:

‘The Arabs, to whom the Lord has given control over the world, treat us as you know; they are not the enemies of Christians.  Indeed, they praise our community, and treat our priests and saints with dignity, and offer aid to churches and monasteries.’
Ignoring the fact that I love Pakistan like many of you won't even understand and i will love this land till last drop of blood in my body is consumed, this is a land of one of the most corrupted and hypocrites. We are those who just know how to use things and religion, to many of us in society is just a tool to use. We just hides behind religion's protection when someone talks about equality of men and women (tough Islam provides the lock and key model of men and women and give both equal importance in their way and different responsibilities) then we talk to give women their rights in inheritance, choice of spending their life and making choices and treating women with respect, care and provide them what they (genuinely) needs or things like not using women as baby producer factories and taking their responsibility they their culture and custom comes in way. Similarly we just are PHds in using in using Religion, Cast, Creeds, Authorities, Sects and social levels like no one in world might will be able to match us.
In the end ,
I just hope for the best,
I just hope for the sun to shine
to shine and burn all the hatred we have in our hearts
I just wish the clouds to rain
to rain and wash all of our stains
I just wish the wind to blow
to blow and make flowers blossom in every heart

Baba I am really proud on you since 9th class, since that time when you were discussing random things and while random talks you told me that you are one of the few teachers from your school who share their glass with christian fellow whenever that fellow asks and mostly no one else even respond to this request.
Your Proud Son

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