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Note: If I hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally then I accept my mistake and asks for forgiveness in advance. I am just a common student of Islam and don’t think of myself qualified enough to associate with any sect so Just read it knowing the fact that this article was written by a Muslim brother, not by some sectarian (Jazak Allah)….

Today is 10th Muharram ul Haram, A day of grieves and sorrows.  A day of joy.  A day of Joy and happiness?? Will I consider the day when someone dear to me died as a day of happiness?? But who died?? Are martyrs dead?? I won’t say so…. If you don’t believe then come and look in my heart. Go see hearts of any Muslim living. This is the day when Islam got a new life. It’s a day of being proud and promising our self to do everything we can for the sake of our religion. It’s a day of reassurance.
Today there are two major sects (Ahl e Tashi & Sunnis) and there are differences among the scholars of these two sects. What I am trying is to know and understand those differences. During that research it came out that most of the differences just consist of misunderstandings and nothing else. Basically on ground level there weren’t any differences in Pakistan on sectarian basics till late 80s and early 90s. Then how come today we are killing each other on such a reason like this?? And calling others infidels??
Qafir\Qafir:  First I need to understand what makes me fit to call other person an infidel or qafir??(Talking on general public and common Mullahs) How come I do am sure about my end?? It is also to be noted that any proper Islamic Scholar of any sect never called any other sects as infidels (expect those who portrays themselves as Muslims ‘Ahmedis’). We can hear some random uncle outside Mosque or a wandering khalla from our Street who often issues fatwas about other’s Iman and Islam. Just give such people a shut up call as nothing makes you, me or some random guy to judge Iman of other Muslim brother.
Fast of 9th Muharram: 
Sunnis fast on 9th-10th Muharram or 10th-11th Muharram. There exist  two main theories regarding  misconceptions about this.
·         They fast because Yazeed also did’t  ate on 9th Muharram.
·         They fast because wife of Yazeed also fasted on 9th Muharram.
Firstly, fasting during these days is rooted way back to time of Moses. It has nothing to do with that incident in Karbala.
Let’s take some examples from Hadees:
“Fasting the day of `Ashura' (is of great merits), I hope that Allah will accept it as an expiation for (the sins committed in) the previous year”(Muslim).
Abu Hurayrah reported: "I asked the Prophet: 'Which Prayer is the best after the obligatory Prayers?' He said:'Prayer during the mid of the night.'I asked: 'Which fasting is the best after that of Ramadan?' He said,'The month of Allah that you call Muharram’"(Ahmad, Muslim, and Abu Dawud).

Mu`awiyyah ibn Abi Sufyan reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah say:"Concerning the day of `Ashura’, it is not obligatory upon you to fast on it as I do. Whoever wishes may fast and whoever does not wish to is not obliged to do so"(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
So hereby it’s clarified that fasting on days on Ashura has nothing to do with Yazeed or Waqiya e Karballa.

Confusion between Razi Allah Taala Anhu (RA) Or Alaihisalam (AS):


·         Razi Allah Taala translates to "may Allah be pleased with ____"
·         Alihisalam  translates to "peace be upon ____". 
Radi Allahu may be used for the Ahl-ul-Bayt  too as well as Sahaba Kiram, Taba'een, Taba' Taba'een and Awliya Allah while Alihisalam is used for Prophets and Ahl e Bait.
There is a collision on use of these words while in their meaning there just is difference of word ‘may’. All of our fight is that whether may is used for whom?? In all of this we forget what Asalamalikum means(Peace be unto you). We don’t use may here in daily routine which pretty much answers that confusion which I better say is just a made up confusion. One can use whatever that person deems ok.
Political/Geographical Factor
If I say that the sectarian game in Pakistan is just a gift of our so called dear brother Muslim nations then it won’t be wrong. I need not to reveal the identity of those hidden hands behind the hatred speech or behind all those bloody events which lit up the sparks. There near my street existed a row of homes of poor who are now not soo poor after waving black flags on their homes. I know this reality better than anyone and take all the responsibility of what I am saying but let’s not get away from the point. Point was from where that money is inflowing and whose interest they are going to serve?? We all also know about Jamiya Hafsa and Laas Masjid incident too. There are many Madarsaas which are foreign funded from KSA,Oman and some third parties(Allah knows where those third parties roots belong). Even our ruling party isn’t so clean in this prospect.
To be precise there exist an international tug of war between Iran and Kingdom of Saudi Araia and our nation willingly is happily becoming part of third party games. While we are being hit from our brothers so let’s not talk about Mossad, CIA and RAW covert operations and fundings.
This nation is divided into sects. Yesterday more than 20 innocents in Jacobabad died just because they were shias. I am hopeless of this nation, you too should be but you being the educated one, the one with brain and skills have the responsibility to bear the burden of truth and try lightning up the candles. Let’s stop judging, just live and let live. Let Allah decide the end and stop the bloodshed!

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