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Some Time With a Person I Knew

The Night before last Night I was thinking, thinking about what I want from this life, thinking what i achieved in this life, thinking what and how can I achieve what I want. I just thought and thought that thinking isn't enough for this lifetime to think what I need. Thinking, sometimes is like a whirlpool which just comes from nowhere while other times it's a bog where we get stuck happily knowing we are going to stuck for no reason. We all think about our past, future and present. About how we are going to spend this life and what's going around in this world. We think about our fears, we think about ourselves. All the humans and animals and plants and all living organisms think. 
While thinking no matter what you are all breathing there have one thing in common, you hides what's in there. We have another person inside us who sometimes even influence us and shows us a way to live and react. Interesting fact is that we never gets happy or sad. That one person inside us gets happy or sad, more interesting, that happiness and sadness of that person do influence us.
We all try to hide that one person from the eyes of others. That person tells us different things now and often (like right now he is telling me to stop and do my assignment). But we most often never pay a heed.
We all hide that person, we all have a shell around and walls around us just never stop getting higher. There, in our life, comes a point when those walls even separate us from that good and nice person living inside us. Two things plays their role here, Human's ego and fear (Ego also basically is composition of stubbornness and fear mostly but fake pride and meanness also have its part), ego to bend and fear to be seen lowered. While doing so people forget (or are too blind to see) that those who don't bend falls and branches of fruit bearing trees are always low. Change itself is a second name of being afraid as everyone is so keen to keep their social image that taking new chances is not a task for a single piece connected with this whole society. So what we do is always working on that shell of ours to get tougher so that no one can expose us. People don't want to be discovered even by themselves because they don't know what's inside them. That depth and darkness makes them afraid, afraid of getting drowned, afraid of getting lost.
What people are missing is it is much profitable to keep that person inside you happy rather than making an effort to make people around happier. Life is a name of change and self-discovery is never going to end no matter you are 80, sitting on chair and reading a book (thinking what chances you never took and regretting). Discovering today is better than discovering tomorrow, so just try breaking that shell a bit and dance in front of mirror, sing in an empty room and laugh hilariously, touch the sky, count stars and spend some time(10-15 minutes) away from this Cell,PC and laptop with just the person who is Inside you!!........ 

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