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Devil’s Voice

Hey I am Usama Shahzad……
Q (Anomonous): What you want to be??
Answer: Well I am doing Engineering……….
Q : I asked what you want to be not about what you are doing??
A: Isn’t it obvious?? I am doing Engineering so that’s what I want to be, an Engineer.
Q: What persuaded you to be an Engineer??
A: Well……… I love avionics and aerodynamics and also weaponry is my thing so I want to get affiliated with some institute related to nation’s(Pakistan’s) defense capabilities as a researcher after completing my degree as it also will keep calm the  patriotic germs I possess in my blood.
Q: Huhhhh… What if you can’t get any job related with your interest?? Backup plan?
A: Actually Yeah ….. I will pass CSS (IA) and get into Foreign office.
Q: Why??
A: Because Zarun Javed (fictional character) also was a foreign officer and he had a wonderful life, also got the girl of his dreams so (Of course Sarcasm) …… (Who the hell is that person?? :-/ )
Q: Ok you got a job.., a mansion with 10x12 pool, 2 kids a beauty both in bedroom and garage…. Then what’s next??
Confused??? I guess that’s where handbrakes of our mighty mind do apply and people get  a shock (Or who gives a dam?). But seriously?  Individuals today are too active to think where the life is going to stuck too bad. Today individuals lost the interest in life and diseases like Tension, Blood Pressure and psychiatric disorders are rising alarming in considerably younger age group.  Why?? (An answer from genius)It’s simple; they don’t use Dalda so gets their cholesterol high!!
We live a life first half struggling to get a life full of luxuries and afterwards that struggle of second half will be to provide our children those remaining luxuries that we couldn’t lay our hands on and lastly will breath our last days (considering best case scenario) in a room full of books, newspaper and raising up our grandchildren. Such a peaceful life isn’t it??
Then what’s that which somewhere in the mid gets wrong and that blunder takes all of ours inner peace?? Life is never supposed to be planned and money was never supposed to be central axis of our life around which all of our efforts and attention rotates. That is the biggest blunder which, after maturity, never let individuals take a breath of peace. As a question unsolved is a puzzle which never lets our unconscious sleep and gradually increase that feeling of confusion and restlessness. (As that axis is always around money) After settling down and having a family no one can have a thought to get on that adventure that was meant for the one and think outside of the box. Everyone is destined for something to achieve which, this society, this world and strong lust for money destroys and astray us from our individual path. That society is becoming a harsh workshop to chop off those unique and special wings of ours and make us common, just another person to fit in.
Society just seduce individuals, showing they life they are going to spend in future to be bed of roses, this just snatches the calmness in pursue of dream life and it’s just too late when one realize this delusion that dream life never existed and it clarifies all those unanswered burden that one bears throughout life (That explains why old ones are most calm of course many even after death won’t be able to solve this mystery). Life was supposed to live for others, care and have emotions and feelings for others. Life is to open up and help others to do some good and unique, which was never done before. Life is to let the genie out of the bottle and listening to your heart. People just are too afraid to change their Ka’aba while that sense of restlessness is just a voice from inside trying to bring us back to our destined path, to show us the light in the dark, while us humans mostly due to excessive harsh training to fit in this society of robots are masters of chock that inner voice of ours to death while those coward master piece who can’t stop listening to that scum**g inside us are obviously too brave to follow to the light, that little hope left dies with that magnitude of responsibilities they have to bear.

As a person of this society I must warns you of that devil’s voice which can astray you from your original path!! Just follow the flow, earn some money spend it and be happy. That light being shown can lead you to hell and destroy your life and what you have. So just follow the flow and let others do the same. Someday someone better is going to replace you to do your job (when you will be weak), till then just dream for more and live. Grab as much as you can, while you can……

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