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Dear Diary-Sportsman Spirit 311015

Yesterday Night while watching a league football match I realized a funny fact of both on field and also of life. Often we play just to play(enjoy), similarly we live just coz we can't die and our heart is beating. That's not how life is supposed to move on, zeal and energy is required without that sportsman spirit, without getting on the field to win, without living to do something useful with life, we can't win and life doesn't have any meaning of its own. "Get In The Field to Win not to survive 90 minutes."
So Local Government elections in Punjab(Pakistan) are going on and where there are elections, there surely is violence and quarrels, firing and rigging. was just wondering that things surely will be much better if those morons owned by us(who actually think they own us) just pass some strict laws directly involving the political agents in that particular polling station and indirectly involving(fining) the candidates who think they can play games. We till then "Brace yourself it's Election time."
Nice to know that we, Pakistanis,  who call themselves Muslims and regard our country as fort of Islam stands 119th out of 158 nations in the list of cleanliness and clean countries. Let's be optimistic, there are still 30-40 countries from whom we are ahead. So there is no need to pass laws like Fining on eating Pan(Of course Dubai Ameer is idiot) also no need to fine heavily (Let's say $500) on spitting or throwing chewed bubble gum on streets(We aren’t Singapore). So just feel proud that we are Muslims and Cleanliness is part of our belief.
Yesterday a person in Dining hall was fighting bravely fighting with someone else, trying to defend Arabs and calling it a religious duty. I really felt proud at that moment and just wanted to kill myself by hitting my head at his nose. I want ti recall you that in last sermon what Prophet (PBUH) did was to end nationality and discrimination on basics of nationality but we are Pakistanis so who cares. Also Hazrat Umar(RA) Second Caliph who used to present himself during all his meetings in front of all ordinary (and not so ordinary) people also aren't enough to teach us that a nation is known by its deeds. God always do justice regardless the fact that what your religion is. Allah gave chances to all who deserved. We can take the leaders of world as an example. We Muslims ruled as Arabs then Cordoba and Ummayad's dynasty and Baghdad. Then Britons were the one, gifted by God as they deserved it and so on. So its surely is right to blame Arabs and Iran or any and every Muslim nation for their wrong doing. The concept of Ummah is no more left (expect in heart of us Pakistanis). 
Those who still disagree I present them a verse from Holy Quran and will talk no more on this topic:

 "O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" (Quran 49:13)

"Live life not because it is given to you once" Don't misunderstand this sentence, life is given to you once so make it useful for others (as what you do for you don't even counts and won't even last) and give some meaning to this meaningless life.
Best of Luck Surviving
Its Casper Signing Off

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