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Dear Diary (Good Bye Mr Holmes)-301015

Sherlock Holmes, a true detective, master of his work, weird enough to attract attention of our weirdest hearts. Only fan of Sherlock can understand and surely admit that. We people just die seeking attention while trying not to be weird coz we are afraid that people will hate us but while thinking that, we forget that there are haters of Obama, Messi, Ronaldo, JB,One Direction and every other famous moving thing. People just give up too easily coz they don't know "those who win never gave up and those who gave up, never won."
So what Happened today??
Let me remember! A divorce between Imran Khan and Reham Khan.
Diyar e Dil(serial) ended.
I finished 2 plates of channa pulao in lunch, my message package ended and i really am mad at those who don't reply back so peace till end of mids.
Sent my CV to fifty5 bytes for CAP.
Go Went Gone to university, was last working day before freaking mids and did literally nothing, Some person from class lost iPhone and we all decided not to attend Aurdino Workshop on which the sake of our certificates was depending(Now I am not sure whether we would get those certifications or not!).

Really Loved that note my our EMT sir and our CR also gave a reply back through same sticky note. There is a child living somewhere deep inside of us, it just sometime shows itself! So just keep that child alive, act weird and before caring for others do think what you want? As if those who can't satisfy themselves, are of no good for others.
It's Casper Signing off till next time.

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