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Dear Diary-1

Today was a day... just a common one like others. Actually all days are common but also special. That Specialty is somewhere hidden in the fold of time that we spend daily. Most of the people fail to capture that specialty and just live like they are living on a lone. what's up?? Mid terms are up and I am down! Feeling sick and low, pain in the head and cold....
After much hesitation, finally wore that blue jersey as was concerned what others would think?? (A major problem with us living being indeed). Well finally LB Elections are being held in Pakistan(Punjab and Sindh). Also suffered from Earthquake few days back, really was an experience,,
The university is full of morons and genius people blended in, guess that's what makes a university A University. A system that shows us how the word ahead is gonna be. I am not the one to care so still have to face that aggressive tone and nature from those specific people who just hates me from all their hearts, and this hate makes my life much more spicy and makes me feel useful again. While I am so much mean that I can't hate them back as they don't even deserve that much attention from me. just got mad at a dear one when he reacted on something which he wasn't supposed to hear; talking to oneself phenom..... After tests were returned, I again have to face those shitty comments of creeps wining that they got 3 marks lesser than highest (in the class).
Some people just disappeared from life, fb profile and diary notes and many more came but those who left actually never left for good and those who came, well idk if they came. Living on a philosophy that some times you don't have to be the first. Gonna eat and study now and return to that creepy life again!
I am Casper
Signing Off

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