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From the Slum's

I am a poor boy who has to fly
No matters what the circumstances are. I mustn't cry
I have to be the hope of my parents even if I have to lie
The days of suffering will eventually pass
Nothing comes and Forever lasts
Those who left the rope of hope will be at loss
There is always a Bright day after a Dark night
After this Darkness I will also enjoy in Light
There will be Home and Water and Food
Everyone from here will be no more Croods
There will be enough food in the Cookery
That Fragile Akram will loose his fragility
With all the Riches Real Wealth will also be here
So that No more Daoods will loose their Mothers just because of mere fever
God will also bless us with the rain
Rain that will wash away all of our stains

In Memory of 1200+ victims of heatwave and government's negligence in Karachi who died just because most of them (80%+) were poor and were victim to Water Mafia (Mafias Stealing water from Gov. Pumping station) and have to labor to fill their families stomach.

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