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Charity "A choice or a way of Life,"

Charity in English dictionary entered from French word charité which further was derived from Latin word caritas. Originally Latin word of charity means high price or dearness. In the wider concept, helping poor by money, food, clothing etc...
Briefly helping poor by all materialistic ways to survive and not letting them extinct is known as charity in modern word. Arranging charity dinners in 5 stars for hunger stricken areas of word and wasting tonnes of food, Irony isn't it?
Point here isn't about bashing this hypocritical charity system but our own hypocritical life style. Because tough rusty still this charity system is saving billions and providing a better lifestyle to millions but we? what are we doing here? That equilibrium lost in our lives is also affecting equilibrium of other people in one way or another. Hypocritical Lifestyle? How? We can donate some money to poor but can't stop wasting food or helping emotionally or giving them same social status that we have. People can't bear having needy people in neighborhood that's why there is Bahriya Town, Defence and Model town etc. We are living with people having same social status, the status we created ourselves, Poor can't be understood by rich if there are so many walls between them. Poor don't need money, poor people need acceptance by this society, they need affection. Poor will appreciate a rich person treating him well rather than discriminating just because of money. This world will be much greater place from the day when rich will open the gates of their countries, colonies, houses and hearts to poor.
In the end, Say no to discrimination on basic of Money. If you really care for poor people then just start giving them respect as from this society that's what poor will need much more that some money pile ups just like primary need of human is Water and Air similarly Human Emotional need is Respect and Acceptance. Volunteer from now on to give Love, Respect, Time and Acceptance, Volunteer to complete the charity meaning. Make Charity your way of life and start treating poor equal whenever you see them as its also charity and most important of its kind. Careeeeeeeeee!!!!

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