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A Recipe To Happiness

"Happiness"in this world of words is defined as a mental or emotional feeling of pleasant emotions being generated from inner self and creating a boundary of positivity around. But in reality in scientific language or to be precise, experimentally measuring the happiness isn't possible. For Psychiatrists guessing is possible but it never always is a sure way. Many times we, ourselves don't know about our emotional condition. People don't know if they are happy or sad, internally.
There are many ways of being happy but all ways go spiritually through one's inner self. Important of all is Satisfaction. A satisfied person is generally also a happy person so you are responsible for keeping yourself happy. Your decisions give you satisfaction or sorrows so people must learn to go for what they want so in the end they don't hear themselves blaming to be dissatisfied.
Some people in this world are hobbyist and their unique hobby is Collecting Regrets. They will find a way to be unhappy no matter if you will give them 1000s of reasons to be happy. Such people lack capability of Self Forgiveness. They just also had such high hopes from themselves that in the end they could not get up after a strong stroke from the cruel world. So, for happiness Forgiving yourself is important as if you won't forgive then you won't forget and will just stuck in the past. What's done is done and all done is done for good. Falling down gives us a chance to rise up again and teaches us to be more vigilant in the race of life in future. Smile is said to be an interesting form of generating cyclic process of happiness in the world. You passes Smile to someone random, if it's done for the proper purpose and objectivity is pure then it sure will generate happiness in the heart of other person. How Objectivity and Purity matters and will be identified?? It can be identified by mind itself as eyes are said to be windows to soul. So if someone having impurity will try pretending to be pure the other people mind do will detect it and as a result those fellings of happiness will be replaced by irritation. It's just like impure gasoline, you know or not your bike is gonna detect and will give it's response.
Happiness don't have any direct relation with Money and having lots of money surely don't give assurity to happiness but using money to spread happiness around surely do creates satisfaction and comfort and a satisfied person is a happy person. Happiness is just like a fruit's tree which can't be ripen without sharing. There always is mutual happiness and mutual sadness no matter how you pretends to be. No one can be happy if there is sadness in society but you surely can be happy if you, yourself will be a source to happiness i.e a bulb always can get benefits from light.
So, to be happy just be a source of happiness, forgive yourself, remember to smile and also forgive others to let them live happily as if you won't forgive they will carry the regrets with them while you are a happy person who won't want that!
Enjoy Life and be Happy... :-)

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