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High Blood Pressure/Low Blood Pressure

A Month Earlier, I had to visit PIMS because of a serious injury. There blood pressure was checked which was normal. After some days, again has to visit Al-Shiffa to donate blood but couldn't because of low BP, and today found the doctor asking me if there is some sort of blood pressure family problem because of High Blood Pressure.
In your body there are some friendly organs while there are some unfriendly organs which keeps on meddling with your health throughout life. Sometimes body has to suffer because of the unexpected. In the same way Life is just like tides. These tides are sometime low and other time it could be high. No matter how the tides are, we have to keep ourselves floating till the end. Life isn't bed of roses but we must know it's the people around, mostly people we do care for, who are to blame of these upsets in our lives. But it's Life, you ain't no saint. We all are responsible in making this world, our world, worst place for living for others. So, in returns others are fulfilling their duties of ruining our lives and make us bleed.
I am not gonna ask anyone to be an angel for others mainly because I consider Humans to be more preferable and also that "Perfection Is Overrated". So just be the true of you and while being true of you I'm sure that no one's inner self is so honor less that he can enjoy doing which once hurt that person. But here we are, changed and living our lives on the wishes of others.
Wishes Of Others?? Yes! We today are living on other people wishes. A person purer and lovelier isn't accepted by others. Why? because those others were also once pure and lovable, but lost their purity to others such corrupted souls so today that cycle of jealousy continues. Possibly I answered a question We People Often Do Ask From Ourselves that is WHY ME??
So that's why it is you coz it has to be you. Stand firm in this world and keep spreading happiness in this world.

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