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Rage, Anger or fury are some of the uncontrolled and unpredictable feelings one can have and humans are the one who use and are using these feelings more often and can be blamed as the are the one who can stop themselves but with an exception, if they want to.
I hereby am blaming humans as they also are responsible of stimulating such feelings in world. Humans are the most confused creation of Lord created to date and they, themselves don't know what they want probably just because their thoughts ain't constant and keep changing. They don't want to be discovered or to reveal themselves just coz they don't want others to know what even they hadn't discovered yet. There is also a factor of being terrified of the hypocrisy around. Humans also don't like to be ruled that's why the world is such a mess and we are till now in a state of confusion between democracy, dictatorship, kingship and communism but till date in each and every system and in one or another way we still are slaves with chains.
Humans also hate routine & peace or rest. Some also are at peak and want to be in storms always having challenges that's why there in world one system couldn't be established and this is playground of certain numbered people where they are playing games of interests. Talking about peace, love, calmness and beauty some are there who always starve for change and hence after a certain time rejects the best things for humanity. Every body is eager to save them but there are some who want to destroy others, such are the ones due to which there is a tense atmosphere and mistrust at its peak in the world. Confusion is the reason to live as without WHY & How life will be spice less just like boiled rice. So these undiscovered paths ahead are the excitement. Future Unknown is the spice. Sudden feeling of pain or joy is the best one. Sometimes people do stop their lives at certain point as they always think that they are at a wedge and they don't wanna fall. For them! Believe in the unknown, there ain't always thrones...

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