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The Ugly Ducklin

We Humans in this harsh society are just like ugly ducklings and in fact we ourselves created many unnecessary problems for ourselves.
We raised the walls around ourselves using the name of society,culture,trends and fashion etc. Humans just want to feel superior and to feel so there are just 2 ways:
1 To make other feel inferior.
2 To raise the so called standards.
We today raised standards in the name of cast,creed,religion,colour and social importance to filter the people around us. But doing so Humans also became lonely and more secretive.
We just don't let any opportunity go to insult others socially and made them feel bad just like an ugly duckling just because it made us feel superior and better. But it also gave birth to a fear of being an ugly duckling of society in everyone's heart. Every person is in a race to raise standards and secure his social position but this race snatched the pleasure of life. It took those small acts of pleasure away from our lives which made others around us feel happy and more comfortable. We are living in a tense and stressful environment and no matter how giant our social structure is, we lost the peace of heart and our own smile.
Does that competition worth gobbling our happiness or not? I will leave this question for you!

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