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The Past Isn't Dead, It isn't even Past!

Past is a time which passes away but leaves it's marks on our personality. It's never dead. If a person say that past passed away then he might be wrong because past never passes away. It lives in our heart, soul and no one can seperate it from any person. People take their lead from past. Past gives us experience which itself is greatest of teachers. People know the way to live from the experiences given by past. But some people are stuck in the past. There are two types of them.
1) Dreamers
2) Hurt Souls
Dreamers don't live in today and just are happy in the happiness they had yesterday. We should be happy but being stuck there will destroy our Today so we must come back or one day that word of dreams will be shattered by to Earthquake in our Present. So Come back before its too late and you looses both your present and past.
Later one who are stuck in past are one of the most complex type of people who judges their future and today by their dark past. They are just damm hurt and just closes the way to happiness to save themselves from unhappiness or being hurt again. They must realize there are happiness waiting for them, if not today then tomorrow and by these roadblocks they are also stopping themselves from being helped. Its also a fact that such people don't wanna come back and wanna live back in past. They just never wanna forget what happened to them back in 90s and most probably if you are the nicest person who wanna drag them to their most probably bright today then never listen to them, just grab them from wrist and take them to Land of Today. It is possible that on the way they might become the rudest you could have imagined, they can even bite or scratch your face but have faith in them always and just keep helping them as they really are those who genuinely need help, but funny fact is they don't even know, of know then ignore and put it to their back. They won't ever admit that they need help and most probably will push you away or run behind you with a baseball bat as soon as you will try to enter in that critical zone of theirs which is made critical by themselves but actually they are comparable to that sick child afraid of injection. You never have to forget about past but don't let it spoil your today. There is always a Backspace button, Eraser, Whitner, Reset and Remover. They symboliz that there is always a chance, if other people don't give you then least you could do is atleast Give A Chance To Yourself. Believe me you do deserve it!

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