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That Fella

I saw a fella sitting alone in the corner. Due to Curiosity and a detective sort of nature I started interrogating Why that boy is like that. I couldn't get any hint. As a last effort I just asked him "why is he like that?" The reply I got was unusual. I am buried by my own owner. I am a dead body now and I am your body. You killed me, you killed yourself. Now lets bury ourselves with our own hand! Kill me now kill yourself with your own hand!
I couldn't understand that thing or that person so I just stopped thing about this whole event. But recently I just passed by many of alike me people without their second half, killed by themselves so that whole past dream started playing like a film inside my head "kill me now kill yourself with your own hands." Killing our own self? Doesn't make sense actually until we dig deeper inside ourselves. That person is the one lives in our heart and is like our own personal guiding star which shows us the right path.
Today doing wrong is a fashion while it is like a slow poison to our that own self. By doing wrong and not listening to our own self just kills us. Then we just convert into that soulless devil from which most of us are afraid of and we also can potentially be converted into those we hate. So if you killed yourself just try to reborn again inside and take care of yourself, tough its much difficult but killing is the most difficult thing to do so who killed himself has the potential to pass through this difficult process.
While for you! The one reading this! Stop poisoning yourself!!

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