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Promise By Heart

Oh Land of Pure!
Don't get disappointed.
We stand firm to protect you.
Will change the world for you.
Will touch the skies with your flag.
Will live for you.
Will die for you.
Will remove all stains there for you.
We are the people who will bring hope.
We are the sun of mid day.
The moon of 14th.
There is a long way ahead to live
To hope
To progress
To get the regards
Oh Land of Pure!
Bear Witness to our courage & Bravery
Tell our stories to those who don't know
Will will never let your pride fall
We, The Sons of this pure land, Promise by heart to never let you be alone
We will raise this small plant into a strong tree
Even if we have to give our last drop of blood.
Oh land of Pure!
Bear Witness to our Oath.
This is a promise by heart
Which we will keep till this heart beat
Remember us and tell our stories to those
Who don't know...

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Usama Shahzad
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