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Love 4 Everyone

Valentine's Day?
A Day to celebrate love...
Is Love a particular relationship just between two human beings?
What? No?? Then what's this?
So Valentine's Day is a day to cherish a particular type of love!
I personally don't like the idea of confining love into types. Also it confuses me since when love needed a day to get celebrated? Love, if true, is a sensation which always get sticks with heart and never needs a day to blast up. Also since when lust became part of this day, no one even noticed. Now we just see couples pouring out and just making a mess around neighborhood.
Love is a strong and pure sensation and it's not such a tiny thing that it can be associated with a day. For all of humans love is a way to live and move along the path of life. Such days confined love and today love is just termed as of a particular type. So don't wait for a day to show love. Just spread love everyday but not with flowers not coz there ain't as many flowers grown but coz flowers are maternal and die, show your feelings which are pure, true, lasting and more reliable than a flower. Live every new day as your last day of spreading love and this world will bee filled with roses. Moving, walking, happy, satisfied and smiling roses of every colour across the globe...!

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