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Chapel Hill Incident(A Change in Mindset)

The Three Victims

At Evening gunshots were heard in a relatively peaceful area of North h Carolina named Chapel Hills. 911 was called and 3 dead bodies of Muslims named Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad, 21, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, were found. They were 23,21 and 19 years old respectively. A 43 years old man from neighborhood killed them and reasons are thought to be parking disputed or hate against religion.
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Interesting is that here no news article used word terrorism or terrorist and no Breaking News was telecasted (while situation was different in case of incident in an Australian cafe where a Mad man with guns claiming to be Muslim and doing all that shit in name of Islam entered). This sparked a debate throughout internet particilarly on Twitter betweed Muslims and non-Muslims across the world.
Dentery students lighting Candles for Victims

It's also interesting that today no one is talking about Us. No one is talking about humans. We hate each other because of our colour,cast,creed,religion and even language and even generally in case of religion particularly Islam world start hating without having a prior idea about What they are hating? People are hating a religion just because a TV channel is telecasting a news about a follower of that religion who himself don't has any idea what that person is doing! People don't need any study or research to connect the deeds of that person with teachings of that religion. Irony Isn't it?
ISIS and Alqaida in world became the representatives of Muslims, thanks to European Media Corporates. Here it is noticeable that Saudi Mufti e Azam Stated ISIS as biggest enemy of Islam and here is world considering Baku Haram,Al Qaida and ISIS as true flag bearer of Islam.
Such people and organizations do have just one specific objective. "Divide and Conquer" or lets say "Divide and rule" just like East India Company. Such change in mindsets generally in Europe and particularly in France & Germany just proves that such organizations are quite sucessful in achieving their objectives. Today our hearts are stained against others and filled with hate regardless the innocence of others. We are just not ready to accept using lame excuses to satisfy our inner self. Sometimes we say that these people are misfit while other time we say they are violent. We aldo say that they are back from age of caves(due to our ignorance of achivement of others) while othertime we claim that these people are destroying our culture. Point is this division is just in interests of others and not for us. Even religions are divided (division is called sects) and much blood is shed even in name of sects  even in Europe for decades. Enough blood has been sheed. Now it's time to give a chance to the weakened plant of love to rise. To let it rise we have to make efforts. Our biggest weakness is keeping things in our heart and not discussing our confusions and wrong proscriptions and this is our weakness known by those who had, are and will be taking advantage of us until we change and open ourselves.
This world is yours so is your life and choice to live it as you wish! So it's upto you to live a peaceful life free of hate and train your comming generations to love and let live with a message of peace and acceptance from heart or to hate, fight and be short sighted and destroy comming future for joy of a day and sake of our ego. It's really upto you if you wanna give flowers or axe in hands of your youngones!

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