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A Lone Wolf

Wolf is defined as an animal which attacks and wants to have everything. It is famous for meddling in other's matters and also for Greed. Today a new generation of wolves is being created by huge investments. They are being taught to run faster or others will overrun them. Priorities have been changed and also the feelings and emotions. Today we have time for our puddle dog but not for our granny. We can spend time outside house with friends but eating with family seem odd to us. We can chat for hours and spend nights on internet but listening to Mom's advice after five minutes is hell of a problem to us. Helping, ignoring, loving, appreciating, caring and sacrificing is what we all want from others but not wanna do ourselves. There are wolves in 2 piece all around the neighborhood who will just wish to tear you for even 1$. There is reason behind everything and every deed. Being selfish and hurting others in the name of "Saving our interests" is so common. This is a global problem and the world powers even destroy nations in the name of "interests" and in the end a word of sorry is enough.
In this world of interests there must exist some lone wolves who actually are dumb enough to care, love and live for others. Who have idea that this world means nothing. Who gains power from smile of others and can live for others. Who don't have interests and are foolish enough not to be selfish and want to be selfless. Who want to live for others and believe in being the first drop of rain in desert, first wind of hope in harshness, first leaf of greenery after winters, first ray of sun after night, first laughter of child after birth, first fruit of joy after famine, first smile on face after a hard time and that first sensation in heart after a great relief. These are misfit for this trained robotic society of wolves or maybe they just are the worst students ever who couldn't be taught. Well this world dearly need such mad people to fill this world up coz such people are mad enough to Dream, to dream for flowers in a barren land, to dream of rain in harshest dessert, to dream of happiness in the house of death and to dream of love from the heart of stone. But such people do possess great powers. They can infect others of same virus of dreaming and hoping!
  So I demand WHO to cure such people who distribute hope free of cost coz it is greatly effecting this world. Such people tough small in numbers are causing troubles and What If they start expanding??
For Dear Readers! As soon as you see such people around, start running no matter which direction you are facing towards...

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