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A Free Bird(Human Freedom)

A Father,Mother and cute,sweet little children complete a happy family and future is Happily Ever After. That's what come in our mind viewing those flying free birds. Birds are a symbol of freedom and hate cages, but what if we let them believe that they are free even in cages? It's the most easiest way of capturing those birds and keeping them to ourselves by changing the way they think! Eg once a baby elephant was captured and it's foot was chained. It tried again and again but couldn't break those chains. At last it got disappointed and stopped trying. Last time I saw it's feet were tied to a thin string.
Point is Mind is what gives power and it is what takes all of it we have left. For that adult elephant those thin strings are joke but it doesn't even realizes the power it possess.
Today same is happening with all of us. We humans are being taught that we have limits, our work has some limitations are our life has some regulations set by same humans. We can't do other than that routine. We have to follow same paths, go to office, work, come back, watch T.V, Eat and sleep. Go to same travelling destinations, walk on same streets. We are becoming robots, controlled by media corporates, Governments and certain people but we never realize that they too have limits and the capabilities a human may possess can surpass such a system because this system may have some loop holes and certainly has many limits while a Human don't have any and hence can easily surprise anytime. But believing what we are lead to believe will turn us into some other such elephants who can't even realize their POWER.
Keeping Hope, always searching for new paths and breaking chains is what humans are and no one can take that from us. That's why humans are ruling this planet and we must know if humans could be limited then it weren't the humans to wear the crown of kingship of world but would be living in caves. So where,what and how much power you possess and how much difference you can make is your task to find out.

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