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A Bitterness Unknown & known!

"Revenge"?? But from whom? Why? How? How is this gonna give satisfaction? I met a person last year. I saw a huge fire going inside him enough to lit up everything around him. He was hopeless, angry, helpless and alone. He just wanted to destroy everything around him but he didn't know that everything near him was his own and he will eventually turn himself into ash. He will burn his own dreams. He will burn the hope of people who love him, who loved him or will love him. He was desperate. No water was going to cool down that fire. He was anxious. He needed support. He needed protection from himself. He needed chains in his own feet and hope for a better life he dreamed of. He needed satisfaction and open hearts like himself. He needed a bucket of cold water to be thrown on him. He needed rain to walk into and go to a land away from this world and never come back. He needed a person holding umbrella with him saving him from that harshness of cold drops falling on him continuously. He needed sun. He needed soft green grass. He needed his senses to enjoy things around him back. He needed that zeal to work. He needed that lust to touch stars back. He needed to stop taking revenge from himself. He needed to stop acting what he isn't and start showing what he is. What he needs is that first ray of dawn which brings hope.
Tell him all Oh readers if you see him roaming around acting like he don't care that what he needs is just care...

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