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What Do I Want??

Humans are Born!
They die!
People come and go!
We all want same things!
A perfect life full of happiness!
But how happiness can be defined?
How can happiness be measured by our self created standards?
How a beautiful wife,a cool job and a lot of money can always keep us happy??
Life is full of mysteries and many are yet to be solved.
What when we gain all we planned(A perfect Wife/Husband,A beautiful house,children,job and friends) we do realize that we are not Happy??
Happiness demands much more things and it is not maternal. It is voice of heart....
We need peace of heart and self satisfaction to be happy. We must have to take decisions from heart.
Running before things and in the end knowing these are things which We didn't even needed and these things don't matter in our life is very unsatisfactory feeling. This feeling gives us the worst possible end which is "I achieved nothing after achieving everything in my life" OR "I even after Winning actually Lost". Feelings,Emotions and our moral needs are some things we always ignore while these small things can help us being happy. Not being selfish,thinking for others,helping others,showing your passion and love to random people,giving other advises are small things which we don't consider in our life but These things have power to change our inner and make us happy.
Be Happy keep others Happy.

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