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Hunger,Famine & Us

 Food is a source of life and death for human being.We all needs food. We all really do need there is no second opinion.
Some like Meat while others are vegetarian.
Some prefer sweet dishes over junk food.
We spend a handsome amount of our earning on buying edibles.....
There we also waste food and also buy more than enough just to fill our large refrigerators.
Here the question arise wethere we really cares for our fellow beings??
almost half of world population can't have enough food while on the other side there are people who also waste money on buying something which they can also buy spending less $$s...
The point is not that we should do charity but the point is there should be care for our brothers & sisters who died because they can't had enough food.
As much as 300-400,000 tons of edible food may be binned before it even reaches your basket, say Fareshare. That's 800m meals being thrown away
The point is we have to treat this food with some respect which is thrown in millions of tons in seas.
Respect & Care are some of the Basic Human Moral Values.
We have to rethink What we are doing.........!!

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