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How to Stop Being a Loser - How To Be a Better Person 101 - Starting The Journey

How to Stop Being a Loser - How To Be a Better Person 1. Starting the new Journey 12th August,2017 Written By: M Osama Shahzad World is not in someone's control, sometimes yes it works as we wish but many times it does not exactly happens that way. No matter how big of a person you are or how bigger impact you have created but eventually world is going to show who is the boss. Sometimes even then the self pride of some blindfolded people stops them from seeing reality. World is full of those who thought of themselves as gods and saw them at the top of the world but at the end world sucked their soul and threw them from the same height, they imagined, to the bottom they created. Before a person thinks on how to be a better person and improve himself, one must has to take some lectures on life. Sit under the tree and let the wilderness take the lead. The lectures of life are inevitable, you will have to take them one day or another, one way or another.
First of all if life has beat…

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